Infrrd Bags Comparably Award For Best CEO For Diversity & Women

by Amit Jnagal, on 26 June 2019

Yet another big day for Infrrdians!

Infrrd proudly wins the 2019 Comparably awards for the category of ‘Best CEO for Diversity, USA’ and ‘Best CEO for Women, USA’. Infrrd was chosen from a pool of more than 50,000 U.S. companies that included big tech leaders like Workfront, HubSpot, Insight Global, and Costco. 

"I think anytime you have a leadership team that’s diverse itself, whether ethnicity or sexual orientation, that trickles down," said Comparably's CEO Jason Nazar, who added that many of the CEOs on the list "make a very public commitment to diversity and inclusion, making sure that those are fairly represented across the company. Adding to this Amit Jnagal, the Chief Executive Officer at Infrrd comments "Diversity is something that has happened by chance at Infrrd. We did not start out with a mission statement of being a very diverse company. But we do believe in hiring the best person for the job irrespective of their demography. This has made us a diverse company in hindsight. A recipe for building a diverse company seems to be to focus on skills and be color blind to demography."

The award for the category of ‘Best CEO for Women’ marks special importance to Infrrd. In a job market where women make 80% for every dollar a man earns, women say they need leaders who care about inclusivity and diversity among other employees. Respecting their values, Infrrd encourages women's empowerment and believes in gender equality thereby closing gender gaps in the world of work. “ I am pleasantly surprised that we have won this award because we do not treat our women employees any different than the rest of the company… and that perhaps is the reason for this award. We are a young, growing company, and any employee who helps us move ahead as a company is recognized for his or her effort regardless of their demography. Women at Infrrd have grown to key management and leadership positions through their hard work and commitment. The only thing we do is not stand their way”- says Amit Jnagal the Chief Executive Officer at Infrrd.

Read more about what employees had to say about Infrrd at Comparably.    



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