Infrrd’s patented classification feature automates the sorting of documents from a pile of pages.
When your customers upload a large file with multiple types of documents, some structured, some semi-structured, and some unstructured, manually sorting through these to find the necessary document is a laborious process.

Document Classification

Recognizes various document types and categorizes them

Intelligent Page Classification

Identifies and sorts different documents in a single file

Page Continuation

Segregates documents with a different time or date even though they look identical

Intelligent Classification

Organize documents based on document type, and classify the documents based on the dates, or any other relevant data, in the document.

Patented Page Continuation

A unique, patented feature that distinguishes documents of similar type by date or month. Eliminate manual efforts drastically, reducing the hundreds and thousands of hours spent on detailed analysis of classified documents

Understanding IDP Series

In this Gartner report series, dig deeper into the steps of IDP to document classification

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