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Meet your vendor SLAs without a miss. Infrrd for Invoice extracts and delivers invoice data that is validated by AI so that no humans need to review it.

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A key competitive advantage for AP operations is when they can eliminate manual data review and corrections completely. Get ready-to-use data for even the most complex invoices saving human costs and time

"Infrrd is a trusted partner. Together we have delivered exciting solutions for our customers that involve image processing and understanding unstructured data in many languages. Their technology continues to create differentiation between us and our competitors."

-Alan Rich, former CEO, Chrome River

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Invoice Processing Automation: Commonly-Asked Questions

What is intelligent document processing for invoices?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for invoices is an AI-driven solution revolutionizing invoice management and automating accounts payable. Pre-trained models extract data from complex documents, and machine learning predicts and corrects errors, improving Straight-Through-Processing (STP) accuracy. 

Complementing this, automated invoice processing software solutions like Infrrd streamlines workflows by automating data extraction, validation, and payment processes. Minimizing manual intervention and errors, these solutions enhance efficiency, ensuring seamless accounts payable management with precision and speed. The integration of AI and automation transforms invoice processing into a more accurate, streamlined, and time-efficient operation.

Explore our e-book on next-generation invoice processing automation for in-depth insights and additional information on how automated solutions can revolutionize your invoicing workflows.

What are the benefits of automated invoice processing?

Automated invoice processing brings forth a myriad of advantages, such as :

Cost Efficiency: Drastically reduces processing costs, optimizing financial resources for enhanced fiscal responsibility.

Effortless Operations: Minimizes the need for manual intervention, allowing personnel to focus on more strategic tasks rather than routine processes.

Unmatched Accuracy: Achieves 100% accuracy in data extraction and processing, eliminating errors associated with manual handling.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensures adherence to compliance standards, mitigating risks and enhancing overall financial governance.

Swift and Reliable Payments: Facilitates quick and reliable payment processing, fostering stronger vendor relationships and financial stability.

Workflow Acceleration: Accelerates the entire invoicing workflow, reducing cycle times and enhancing operational efficiency.

By leveraging automated invoice processing, organizations can not only streamline their financial operations but also position themselves for improved accuracy, compliance, and overall financial prowess.
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How does automated invoicing work?

Automated invoicing, powered by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, revolutionizes invoice processing automation. These sophisticated algorithms conduct a thorough analysis of invoices, extracting data seamlessly, even from intricate elements such as tables and handwritten documents.

The employed automated invoice processing software relies on pre-trained models, specifically crafted for common fields, and can be configured to adhere to bespoke business rules. This intelligent AI-driven approach not only minimizes errors but also significantly enhances accuracy, expediting the entire accounts payable process.

In essence, the prowess of the invoice automation process lies in its ability to harness technology, streamline, and optimize the traditionally intricate task of processing invoices. Experience the transformative impact of invoice processing automation with our cutting-edge solutions.

How does automated invoicing work?

To automate invoice processing effectively, organizations deploy AI-driven solutions designed with an AI-first approach. These solutions excel in extracting data from a diverse range of invoices, accommodating complex tables and various formats seamlessly. 

Equipped with pre-trained models and the ability to configure processing rules, intelligent invoice processing solutions continually adapt and improve over time. This iterative learning process leads to higher accuracy and efficiency in handling invoices. 

Incorporating automated invoice processing software into this transformative workflow ensures a streamlined, error-free process, reducing manual intervention and optimizing the entire invoicing lifecycle. The integration of automation, AI, and intelligent processing lays the foundation for a more efficient, accurate, and responsive invoicing system.

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How to implement automation in invoice processing?

To implement automation in invoice processing for accounts payable and receivable, leveraging IDP solutions is key. These advanced solutions excel in data extraction from invoices, addressing complexities such as nested tables, stamps, signatures, and more.

By integrating IDP with invoice automation processes, organizations can achieve heightened efficiency and accuracy. The incorporation of AI-driven capabilities further enhances the automation journey, providing intelligent insights and adaptability to evolving invoice structures.

Embracing technologies like Invoice AI ensures that the entire invoice processing workflow becomes not just automated but also smarter, contributing to streamlined financial operations and improved decision-making. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more.

What are the 3 main steps involved in invoice processing?

The three key steps in automated invoice processing are:

Invoice Identification: Automated systems recognize and pinpoint incoming invoices using OCR and machine learning.

Invoice Extraction: Relevant data, such as invoice numbers and amounts, is extracted using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions.

Invoice Matching & Validation: Extracted data is matched against purchase orders or receipts to validate accuracy, flagging discrepancies for review.

Automating these steps streamlines the process, enhances accuracy, and reduces manual efforts in the invoice automation workflow.

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How does your solution handle corrections?

Did you know no system is 100% accurate all the time?  When extraction errors occur you want to correct them.  We provide a simple UI that your business analyst will use to make corrections.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

How can I improve my invoice processing?

Enhance your invoice processing efficiency with cutting-edge Invoice AI-powered solutions designed to automate invoice handling. By automating data extraction, validation, and payment processes, these AI-driven technologies reduce errors and expedite the entire invoice lifecycle, ensuring quicker and more accurate processing.

Adopting automated invoice processing software streamlines workflows, automating data extraction and minimizing manual intervention. With features like pre-trained models and configurable business rules, these solutions adapt to organizational needs, offering transformative capabilities to streamline workflows and enhance accuracy. Simplify and expedite your invoice handling efficiently with automated solutions tailored to automate invoice processes seamlessly.

Explore further insights on the impact of Intelligent Document Processing on next-generation invoice automation in our report.

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