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Meet your vendor SLAs without a miss. Infrrd for Invoice extracts and delivers invoice data that is validated by AI so that no humans need to review it.

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A key competitive advantage for AP operations is when they can eliminate manual data review and corrections completely. Get ready-to-use data for even the most complex invoices saving human costs and time

Infrrd is a trusted partner. Together we have delivered exciting solutions for our customers that involve image processing and understanding unstructured data in many languages. Their technology continues to create differentiation between us and our competitors.

-Alan Rich, former CEO, Chrome River

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FAQs about Invoice Processing:

What is intelligent document processing for invoices?

It is a process where an AI-Led IDP solution transforms invoice management, automates accounts payable processes with pre-trained models, extracting data from complex documents and setting business rules for accurate payments. ML-powered solution predicts and corrects errors, enhancing Straight-Through-Processing (STP) accuracy.

What are the benefits of automated invoice processing?

The benefits of automated invoice processing are as follows:
1. Reduces processing costs
2. Minimizes human efforts
3. Provides 100% accuracy
4. Ensures compliance
5. Quick & reliable payment processing
6. Accelerates workflow

How many types of invoice processing are there?

There are 2 types of invoice processing:

1. Manual processing - Human efforts are required for tasks like data entry & validation.

2. Automated processing - AI & Machine learning techniques are used to extract, validate and route invoice data automatically while improving accuracy.

How does automated invoicing work?

Automated invoicing employs AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and extract data from invoices, including complex elements like tables and handwritten documents. The automated invoice processing software uses pre-trained models for common fields and can be configured for specific business rules. This invoice processing automation minimizes errors, enhances accuracy, and expedites the entire accounts payable process.

How to automate invoice processing?

To automate invoice processing, an AI-driven solution is employed. This solution utilizes its AI-first approach to extract data from various types of invoices, including complex tables and different formats. It offers pre-trained models and the ability to configure processing rules. The intelligent invoice processing solutions learns and improve over time, leading to higher accuracy and efficiency.

Does your system work out of the box or does it require training?

Common documents and use cases work out of the box.  The cool thing is your solution will improve as the system learns from your documents upfront and over time.

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How does your solution handle corrections?

Did you know no system is 100% accurate all the time?  When extraction errors occur you want to correct them.  We provide a simple UI that your business analyst will use to make corrections.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

Does your solution work with handwriting?

Our solution excels at data extraction from handwriting.  We've got proprietary methods and techniques that do the trick.  It's pretty cool.  See for yourself.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

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