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Our AI-Led IDP Solution Transforms Invoice Management
  • Automate accounts payable processes with an AI and ML-powered solution that provides pre-trained models for all invoice-related documents
  • Extract data seamlessly from complex tables, images and handwritten documents with high levels of variation, using our template-agnostic approach
  • Easily set your own business rules to ensure accurate payments on time
  • Achieve high accuracy levels from day one with humans-in-the-loop. The ML-powered solution quickly learns to predict and correct errors, delivering the highest levels of accuracy for increased Straight-Through-Processing (STP).
Intelligent Invoice Processing

Infrrd is a trusted partner. Together we have delivered exciting solutions for our customers that involve image processing and understanding unstructured data in many languages. Their technology continues to create differentiation between us and our competitors.

-Alan Rich, former CEO, Chrome River

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Empower Accounts Payable Teams with Automation

Infrrd for Invoice features include:

  • AI-first and template-free, capable of managing exponential volumes and variations, an area where other document processing solutions fall short.

  • Out-of-the box invoice and accounts payable document models make deployment easy and quick.

  • The Infrrd Fields Library streamlines configurability, allowing companies to choose from a variety of fields to build their own processing models, based on their distinct needs.

  • ML-based capabilities drive continuous improvement on extraction accuracy, thereby enhancing efficiency and improving productivity.

  • Automated purchase order matching connects invoices with their respective purchase order numbers for seamless processing.


Complex Tables Icon

Complex tables are a cakewalk

Most OCR and IDP vendors can extract data from simple tables with a clearly defined line of items, but in reality, the invoices you receive are much more complex. Infrrd’s intelligent table extraction ensures accurate detection and extraction of data from complex tables within an invoice.

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More than just

When automating invoice processing, you need the capability to extract data from more than just invoices. Extracting data from supporting documents like purchase orders, receipts and delivery orders is just as critical. Infrrd for Invoice has pre-trained models that enable seamless extraction from invoices and other AP-related documents.

Your Invoice Your Rules Icon

Your invoices.
Your rules.

Our proprietary data matching technology enables you to configure your own business rules for the data extracted from invoices. This means that once the data is available, you can set up rules to intelligently automate repetitive processes ensuring hassle-free payments.

Intelligent Invoice Processing

...allowing you to achieve
meaningful business outcomes

Infrrd for Invoice is a packaged solution built on Infrrd’s powerful IDP platform. The solution is designed to accurately automate and optimize the processing of invoices that have high levels of variation. 

Use Case

Global marketing firm processes invoices from vendors

Customer comments

“Infrrd helped us digitize and automate invoice processing which greatly improved our SLAs. The solution automation performance also allowed us to end our agreement with a BPO who was manually processing the invoices.”


~50% reduction in processing costs. 60% reduction in manual workload on day one. High accuracy at field and line item level improving to > 90%.

Invoice characteristics 

Invoices from 1,000s of vendors, variations in format, vendor names, multiple services. Need to extract 24 fields and create two derived fields. 

Solution highlights

Handles invoice variations with high accuracy. Scalable and extensible. Easy to configure and manage. Automated compliance checks.

The Intelligent Invoice Processing Solution

Infrrd for Invoice is a packaged solution built on Infrrd’s powerful IDP platform. It can readily extract data from over 30 common invoice fields without any training required. Additionally, it can be easily configured to extract data from new fields.

Intelligent Invoice Processing Solution Example
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