You’ve got unstructured data.

You need insights. Time to infer.



/inˈfər/ verb / deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

There are many analytics companies that work off of structured data. But data comes in many forms, and you want to be able to use everything you’ve got, no matter how messy. 

With unstructured data, you can’t analyze, you can only infer. We’re experts at using inference to help you connect the dots to get the most out of your data. 

Don’t let bad data stand in the way of your good automation plans.

Meet Infrrd®

Inference is a powerful tool. You do it without thinking — your brain fills in the missing vowels in our company’s name effortlessly. It knows what’s missing. So do we. We have designed our technology to make these kinds of connections, and at lightning speed.

Infrrd represents a new way of thinking about the data hidden in your documents. We use AI to extract data that can be used to fuel corporate transformation.

From old documents to stamps and handwritten notes to receipts, our system can infer what’s missing and fill in the blanks to get you more valuable extracted data. That provides the springboard you need to automate your process, which in turn can transform your business quickly and efficiently.

Our AI knows how to find what others don’t. We make it quick and easy for you to get the most from the data you have, and to move your enterprise closer to incredibly valuable end-to-end automation.

Infrrd by the Numbers

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We make the impossible possible—so you can accelerate your digital business.

We Love Connecting the Dots

We’re in the business of solving problems, and our ability to imagine the power of unstructured data has led us to build a platform that harnesses it to generate meaningful insights for enterprises.

We extract data, and more.

We can connect the dots, using images and context to inform our analysis and to give customers the ability to unlock the value in their data and to scale their solutions.

We think enterprises should be able to meet their productivity goals without fear of the unknown, and that they should be able to free their workers from tedious tasks. This opens up opportunities for teams to pivot and better utilize everyone’s skills and gives them the chance to focus on larger goals.

Enterprises need to unlock data that will give them a bigger and more accurate picture of their business, in a fraction of the time it would take humans.

To do so, they need to be able to infer.

Connecting the Dots

Our Story

We see business problems differently.

Our roots are in extracting insights. We started out by using an NLP engine to pull valuable details from comments on e-commerce sites. That improved retailers’ CX by helping customers find exactly what they were looking for, based on how they were already thinking about searching.

In addition to generating valuable intel for companies on what work shirts, golf shoes, and wedding dresses people were searching for, we gained a unique perspective on unstructured data.

So the enterprises were able to rethink their strategies and improve their bottom lines based on data that had previously been hidden, and we gained a broad view of the importance of being able to handle unstructured data.

We’ve evolved this approach into a platform that lets companies provide better customer experiences for their customers, and for end-users. That’s a big deal.

- Insurance companies can process claims faster with Infrrd. That means their customers don’t have to wait as long to get approved.

- Employees can log their expenses smarter with Infrrd. Our solution gets companies a more accurate look at what’s been spent and gets people their reimbursements faster. That makes everyone happy.

- Industrial manufacturers can process RFP responses faster, respond to more bids, and win more business.

The shift from retail into documents was surprisingly natural — it’s all data other people think can’t be read, and all-but-impossible business challenges rooted in the technical elements of automation.

We’ve saved our customers money by making their processes more efficient, and we create value because of the speed, accuracy, and insights we are able to deliver across different types of documents.

We see business problems differently

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Our leaders reflect our values of teamwork, transparency, and innovation.

And they’re committed to making the impossible possible.

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