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Industry’s first AI-Led IDP solution that offers a 100% Accuracy Guarantee

  • Automate mortgage document processing with AI and ML-powered solution with pre-trained models for mortgage documents

  • Differentiate your customer experience by reducing back and forth of documents and predicting anomalies earlier than your competitors
  • Achieve 100% accuracy from day 1 with humans-in-the-loop. Over time, the ML-powered solution learns to predict and correct errors delivering 100% accuracy with no touch

  • Reduce your cost per mortgage origination significantly with accurate, intelligent automation while closing loans faster than ever
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We began working with Infrrd several years ago to develop a number of solutions for our real estate services group. Their image recognition capabilities offer us unique insights into properties, a differentiator that also helps us reduce costs and eliminates the need for manual processing. As the AI builds over time, our enhanced technology will provide added value internally and for our clients.”

— Executive VP of a large mortgage and real estate company

Empower Loan Officers to get things right the first time 

According to a recent McKinsey report, customers said that mortgage providers must prioritize getting things right the first time. The only way to do this is by empowering LOs with better insights and tools. We do this by automating document indexing, identifying the right document types, performing quality checks on documents provided, and spotting errors like the recency of documents and anomalies in bank statement records. The LO will be able to get all the documents right the first time.

Combine AI capabilities with human-in-the-loop validation

Our machine learning algorithms can be trained to accurately analyze everything from mortgage applications and credit reports to bank statements and home insurance documents. Our human-in-the-loop processing puts your team members in charge of training, testing, and course-correcting these machine learning models. This enables your extraction accuracy to improve every time and ensures that even with complex mortgage documents, AI makes a better decision. 
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Transform your review process with our exceptional management tools

Manual extraction and data review are arduous, repetitive tasks that do not result in improved accuracy. With AI, you will be able to re-visualize your entire data review process. While you automate the data extraction from documents, our ML-based platform improves accuracy with repetition and over time. In processes where it can’t be completely automated, it empowers your people with intelligent exception management tools, helping fill in the gap and increase overall process efficiency.

Offer no-touch mortgages by achieving accuracy you can trust

The biggest challenge in offering no-touch mortgage approvals is that although many companies offer data extraction technology, they lack the confidence to say their data can be 100% trusted and needs no human intervention. Their extraction accuracy is based on ‘probability’. Our state-of-the-art algorithms can guarantee accuracy, and with enough training data, low-touch and no-touch mortgages become an absolute reality.
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IDP emerges as a vital for mortgage Research Infographic Download

IDP and AI-Led Transformation for Mortgage

This detailed infographic showcases the key findings of how IDP impacted companies large and small in eliminating manual procedures, reducing processing time, improving quality control, compliance, efficiency, and enhancing cost savings
Mortgage Research Infographic
IDP Emerges as Vital for Mortgages Infographic Download

Study finds IDP vital for the mortgage industry

Infrrd and Apps Run The World, a leading technology market research firm, conducted a survey of over 200 banking, financial services companies, and independent mortgage firms who were early IDP adopters. Here are the key findings.
Mortgage Research Report
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In a fast-paced world filled with never-ending rivers of documents and data, organizations continuously need smarter ways to work. Teams need flexible solutions that enable them to work faster while delivering higher levels of reliable accuracy than ever before. At Infrrd, we empower teams with
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