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Process mortgage documents without needing any human intervention. With patented Confidence Score, Infrrd for Mortgage delivers accurate, ready-to-use data from day one.

High Accuracy with No Training Data

Designed to meet the specific processing needs of mortgage companies, Infrrd for Mortgage has pre-trained machine learning models that deliver high accuracy without needing any training data

Infrrd’s image recognition capabilities offer us unique insights into properties, a differentiator that also helps us reduce costs and eliminates the need for manual processing. As the AI builds over time, our enhanced technology will provide added value internally and for our clients.”

— Executive VP of a large mortgage and real estate company

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FAQs about Mortgage Document Processing:

What is mortgage automation?

Mortgage process automation involves the use of AI and ML-powered solutions to streamline and enhance the mortgage processing journey. It encompasses automating tasks such as document indexing, verification, quality checks and anomaly detection. By integrating automation, the mortgage process services become more efficient, accurate and less prone to errors, providing a smoother experience for both loan officers & customers.

How do you automate a mortgage process?

Automating a mortgage process entails deploying AI and machine learning technologies to handle various aspects of the mortgage journey. This includes machine learning mortgage algorithms in automating document indexing, analyzing credit reports, verifying provided documents, and identifying errors or anomalies in bank statements. Through a combination of intelligent algorithms and human validation, the mortgage process becomes more accurate and efficient.

Can you automate mortgage payments?

While the content does not specifically discuss automating mortgage payments, automation in the mortgage industry generally refers to automating the processing and approval of mortgage applications, mortgage document processing and verification, and other related tasks. Automating mortgage payments typically involves setting up recurring payments through banking systems and is not the central focus of the information provided.

How is AI used in mortgage lending?

AI is employed in mortgage lending through various ways outlined in the content. Mortgage AI assists in document processing, verification, anomaly detection, and accuracy enhancement. It combines machine learning algorithms with human-in-the-loop validation to continually improve accuracy. AI-driven tools help loan officers make better decisions by providing insights and identifying potential issues earlier, ultimately leading to a more efficient and accurate mortgage lending process.

Does Infrrd run on mobile or desktop device?

Glad you asked.  Our data extraction process runs on servers.  We have found performance and accuracy decline when running on a desktop or mobile device. (Remember Infrrd is running a powerful AI stack).

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Does your system work out of the box or does it require training?

Common documents and use cases work out of the box.  The cool thing is your solution will improve as the system learns from your documents upfront and over time.

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How does your solution handle corrections?

Did you know no system is 100% accurate all the time?  When extraction errors occur you want to correct them.  We provide a simple UI that your business analyst will use to make corrections.

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Does your solution work with handwriting?

Our solution excels at data extraction from handwriting.  We've got proprietary methods and techniques that do the trick.  It's pretty cool.  See for yourself.

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