95% accuracy does not equal 95% efficiency gain

Anything less than 100% accurate data means your data entry team has to review all documents and correct the inaccurate data, bringing 95% accuracy to a mere 50% efficiency gain.
100% document accuracy gives you the confidence to completely eliminate manual corrections on your part.

An offer you can’t refuse

100% document accuracy means data received by the IDP user is 100% accurate and does not need any further review or correction.

You provide the input documents you need to extract and the data will be provided to you in a readily-usable format, 100% accurate.

Getting it right the first time

100% document accuracy addresses a key aspect of customer experience. Whether it is invoice processing, mortgage approvals, or insurance claims, getting things right the first time is what transforms the customer experience.

Delivering 100% document accuracy

It’s not just about getting the data right but about being able to know when we get it right and when we don’t. We achieve this through

No Human Review Needed

Infrrd’s IDP solution is designed to maximize and exponentially increase No-Touch Processing (NTP). NTP is the volume of documents processed without any manual intervention.


When unsure about the accuracy, AI sends it to our humans-in-the-loop, who review and validate the data delivering 100% document accuracy from day one of production. Every correction they make trains the underlying algorithm to not make that error again.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Infrrd’s IDP platform has a continuous feedback loop that informs the platform when it has everything right in order to improve its confidence score. It also sends feedback from AI trainers when it gets data wrong allowing the algorithm to learn and self-correct.

Discover No-Touch Processing

Learn more about Infrrd’s proprietary no-touch processing that achieves true automation as AI-extracted data needs no further human review.


FAQs About Document Accuracy

1. How do we ensure data accuracy?

Organizations frequently use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions to ensure data accuracy because it is crucial for making informed decisions. The IDP solution from Infrrd leverages cutting-edge AI & ML technologies, employing a technique known as No Touch Processing (NTP).
This innovative approach enables the precise processing of documents without human intervention, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. By focusing on document accuracy, Infrrd ensures that extracted data is reliable and delivered with the utmost precision, empowering organizations with trustworthy insights for strategic decision-making.
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2. What is good accuracy in AI?

AI accuracy refers to the effectiveness of a system's predictions or results. In the realm of document processing, Infrrd's IDP solution sets an exceptional standard with its commitment to 100 percent document accuracy. This unparalleled approach ensures the reliability and precision of data extracted from documents, elevating the bar for industry benchmarks. Achieving such accuracy isn't just a goal for Infrrd; it's a commitment to enhancing operational effectiveness and supporting informed decision-making.
To delve deeper into our dedication to 100% Document Accuracy, explore our comprehensive report titled Explained: Infrrd’s 100% Document Accuracy. Delivered. This report provides insights into the technology, methodologies, and real-world applications that contribute to Infrrd's exceptional accuracy standards.

3. Is Infrrd 100% accurate?

Yes, the IDP solution from Infrrd proudly attains a 100 percent accuracy rate. The data extracted from input documents is guaranteed to be error-free, eliminating the need for additional human effort in the review or correction process. This exceptional level of accuracy not only streamlines operations but also instills confidence in the reliability of the extracted information.
At Infrrd, our commitment extends beyond mere accuracy; we prioritize achieving the highest standards in data entry accuracy rates. By leveraging advanced technologies, our IDP solution ensures that organizations benefit from precise and trustworthy data. 
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4. What types of documents can benefit from Infrrd's 100% Document Accuracy?

Infrrd's 100% Document Accuracy is a versatile solution tailored for various document processes. Businesses across industries can derive substantial benefits, particularly in processing invoices, mortgage approvals, insurance claims, and more. The precision and reliability of our technology are especially advantageous for organizations seeking to enhance customer experiences, minimize errors, and streamline operations, ultimately reducing processing time.
Explore the wide-ranging applications of Infrrd's document accuracy across diverse document types. Visit our Solutions Page to discover how our innovative technologies can transform your document processing workflows.

5. How does 100% document accuracy benefit my data team?

Infrrd’s commitment to 100 percent accuracy brings significant advantages to your data team by alleviating their workload and enhancing overall efficiency. The seamless extraction of data from documents eliminates the need for time-consuming and monotonous tasks associated with error review and correction. This allows your team to redirect their focus toward more valuable activities, such as in-depth data analysis and decision support.
Furthermore, the reduction in manual corrections not only accelerates processing times but also contributes to cost savings and heightened customer satisfaction. Infrrd's emphasis on achieving unparalleled accuracy extends beyond mere efficiency gains—it directly impacts your data entry accuracy rate, ensuring that the information processed is not only swift but also impeccably precise.To know more, book a 15-minute session with an IDP expert.

6. How to ensure accurate data entry without any data entry errors?

It is critical to establish error-free processes to ensure accurate data entry with no data entry errors. This entails double-checking data points for accuracy, reducing human error through training data entry, and utilizing automated solutions whenever possible. Monitoring a mistake rate regularly, performing validation tests, and fostering a data-accuracy culture inside the organization are all important tactics for ensuring precise data entry. 
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7. What is the data entry accuracy rate in the case of manual data entry?

Manual data entry accuracy is subject to variation and is often influenced by factors like the complexity of data, its inherent value, and the diligence applied during the data entry process. On average, manual data entry tends to be susceptible to errors, leading to less accurate results. The attainment of a high data entry accuracy rate is heavily dependent on the implementation of rigorous data processing standards and meticulous attention to detail.
To mitigate the challenges associated with manual data entry inaccuracies, businesses are increasingly turning to automated solutions like Infrrd's, which guarantee 100 percent accuracy. The transition to automated data entry not only minimizes errors but also enhances efficiency, allowing organizations to redirect resources toward more strategic and value-added tasks.
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8. Is (near) 100% document accuracy good enough?

Yes, (near) 100% document accuracy is highly commendable and often considered excellent in many contexts. Achieving such a level of precision minimizes errors, enhances reliability, and significantly boosts operational efficiency. 
However, the suitability of accuracy levels depends on specific industry requirements and use cases. While (near) 100% accuracy is impressive, continuous advancements in technology strive for perfection. Organizations should assess their specific needs and the impact of potential errors to determine the optimal balance between accuracy and practicality for their document processing workflows. Interested in knowing more? Book a demo right away to connect with one of our experts.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

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