100% Document Accuracy. Delivered.

Industry’s first AI-led IDP offering with 100% document accuracy

95% accuracy does not equal 95% efficiency gain

95% accuracy does not equal 95% efficiency gain

Anything less than 100% accurate data means your data entry team has to review all documents and correct the inaccurate data, bringing 95% accuracy to a mere 50% efficiency gain.

100% document accuracy gives you the confidence to completely eliminate manual corrections on your part.

We did the math. Check it out.

An offer you can’t refuse

100% document accuracy means data received by the IDP user is 100% accurate and does not need any further review or correction.

You provide the input documents you need to extract and the data will be provided to you in a readily-usable format, 100% accurate.

Getting it right the first time

Getting it right the first time

100% document accuracy addresses a key aspect of customer experience. Whether it is invoice processing, mortgage approvals or insurance claims, getting things right the first time is what transforms the customer experience.

Our competition is trying their best, but…

Other IDP solutions in the market offer competitive accuracy (even up to 99%),  but it doesn’t entirely solve the problem because they:

- Will still require manual corrections

- Keep processing times high

- Drive processing cost per document high

- Have higher time to readily-usable data

Our Competition is Trying Their Best But

Delivering 100% document accuracy

It’s not just about getting the data right but about being able to know when we get it right and when we don’t.
We achieve this through

No-Touch Processing

No-Touch Processing

Infrrd’s IDP solution is designed to maximize and exponentially increase No-Touch Processing (NTP). NTP is the volume of documents processed without any manual intervention. Our proprietary AI and ML-powered platform with a patented confidence score algorithm provide the highest NTP rates in the market. And all this with little or no training.

Infrrd AI Trainers

Infrrd AI Trainers

When the platform is not confident about whether it got the data right, it sends it to our humans-in-the-loop, who review and correct the data delivering 100% document accuracy from day one of production. Every correction they make trains the underlying algorithm to not make that error again.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Continuous Feedback Loop

Infrrd’s IDP platform has a continuous feedback loop that informs the platform when it has everything right in order to improve its confidence score. It also sends feedback from AI trainers when it gets data wrong allowing the algorithm to learn and self correct.

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