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Take a machine learning-first approach towards document pre-processing and capture with Infrrd IDP. Leverage Infrrd’s enhance feature to auto-detect known and unknown document types and their relevant data. Enhance feature includes automated smart capture, text detection from the semi-structured and unstructured document, improved document quality, configuring, tagging, and training unknown document types, straightening and sharpening documents

High accuracy with low quality documents

Businesses have no control over the quality of documents they receive. Illegible, distorted, low-resolution documents slow down data capture and reduce accuracy.

Makes it easy to find what you need

Infrrd IDP’s enhance feature detects unwanted space, unwanted elements and text. It also highlights and sharpens important parts of the document making it easier to extract required data

Understanding IDP Series

In this Gartner report series, dig deeper into the steps of IDP to capture and pre-process data from documents

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