Infrrd for Insurance

Hyperautomate Insurance Processing with 100% Document Accuracy
  • Automate claims processes using an AI and ML-powered solution with pre-trained models for insurance documents
  • Eliminate tedious manual reviews and processing delays with a patented Confidence Score Algorithm
  • Extract data seamlessly from high variation documents with complex tables, images, and handwritten elements
  • Choose the industry’s first 100% Document Accuracy Offering and get clean, accurate data from day one
Infrrd for Insurance
Insurance Plans

We’ve spent a lot of money to develop automated data-extraction solutions in the past, but none of them moved the needle enough to justify the investment. We didn’t think the available solutions were robust enough. We wanted a cutting-edge AI solution that could transform the way we process our clients’ data enough to noticeably improve their daily ease of use and ultimate results.

-David Crawford
Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, State National

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100% Document Accuracy. Delivered.

100% document accuracy means the insurance data you receive from our offering is 100% accurate and does not need any further review or correction. You provide the insurance documents you need to extract and the data we deliver to you in a readily-usable format, is 100% accurate.

We achieve this through Infrrd's:
  • No-Touch Processing: Infrrd’s IDP solution is designed to maximize and exponentially increase No-Touch Processing (NTP). NTP is the volume of documents processed without any manual intervention. Our proprietary AI and ML-powered platform with a patented Confidence Score Algorithm provide the highest NTP rates in the market. And all this with little or no training.

  • AI Trainers: When the platform is not confident about whether it got the data right, it sends it to our humans-in-the-loop, who review and correct the data delivering 100% document accuracy from day one of production. Every correction they make trains the underlying algorithm to not make that error again.

  • Continuous Feedback Loop: Infrrd’s IDP platform has a continuous feedback loop informing the platform when it has everything right to improve its confidence score. It also sends feedback from AI trainers when it gets data wrong allowing the algorithm to learn and self-correct.

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Brings intelligence to the table

Most OCR and IDP vendors out there can extract data from simple tables with clearly defined line items. In reality, insurance documents not only have tabular data but also nested tables, an added layer of complexity. Infrrd’s intelligent table extraction ensures accurate detection and extraction of data from all table variations.


A hawk-eye for insurance documents

When processing claims, the ability to extract data from supporting documents such as claim forms, police reports, vehicle operator licenses, invoices, and receipts is crucial. Infrrd for Insurance has pre-trained machine learning models that enable seamless extraction from all insurance-related documents.

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Insurance Back Office, Fully Digitized

Each insurance line of business has unique back-office processes that need to be optimized and transformed. Each process area has its own flow, business rules, steps, and requirements. Infrrd for Insurance understands how to optimize these processes and how best to configure the solution to ensure business success.

StateNational Example 2 Million Document Variations

One Solution for Millions of Document Variations

Meet and exceed SLA expectations.
Every. Single. Time.


  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market with the technology-led transformation of claims processing
  • Reduce claim processing times from days to hours
  • Improve customer experience with faster verifications and approvals
  • Scaling claims processing operations made easy and cost-effective
  • Supplement your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots with Infrrd for Insurance for improved document understanding
  • Ability to understand contexts from footnotes and route documents accordingly

Why Infrrd for Insurance


State National Moves on from OCR

Our client found an innovation breakthrough that allowed it to automate document intake and data extraction with Infrrd for Insurance. 

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400% Faster Claims Processing. Delivered.

One of the industry’s largest claims administrators transformed their insurance processes with Infrrd for Insurance achieving efficiencies unimagined before.

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