Game-Changing Guarantee Offers 100% IDP Accuracy

Game-Changing Guarantee Offers 100% Accuracy in IDP

by Amit Jnagal, on September 28, 2020 6:17:11 PM PDT

Intelligent automation is at an impasse. 

Customers need speedy, high-accuracy data extraction to fuel their digital processes.

They’ve got stacks of complex documents with valuable data trapped inside, and are increasingly pressured to use automation to achieve higher ROI. 

But automation vendors keep them guessing. Not having the necessary information to evaluate the risk they’re taking, and not knowing the kind of accuracy they can guarantee their customers, is stalling progress. 

Certainty is a better choice. It means better results, and the ability for companies to deliver what they’ve promised to their customers. 

That’s why we’re offering The Infrrd Guarantee.

Accuracy by InfrrdFrom now on, enterprises won’t have to guess what data extraction accuracy they’ll get from automation. Our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system automates data extraction from complex, unstructured documents, helping enterprises offer a new value proposition to their customers. 

Our IDP extraction’s performance is guaranteed. 

The Infrrd Guarantee provides 100% certainty around cost savings, speed, and scalability.

100% Peace of Mind

Do you want to be wondering about your ROI? Probably not. 

When you deploy a new extraction solution, you don’t want to be biting your nails wondering if they’ll come back full of errors and if you’ll have to hire a bunch of people last-minute to sort it out.

But it’s more than that — you won’t know if you need to staff up or staff down, or the time frame you’ll need to make sure it gets done right. That’s certainly not the kind of automation you need. 

You want 100% peace of mind that your data will be extracted quickly and accurately so that you can fuel your processes and focus on the transformation that will take your business to the next level.

A Game-Changing Innovation

100% data accuracy guarantee
Works across industries, use cases, and documents
Removes performance uncertainty 


Manual Data Extraction Bottlenecks

Manual data extraction causes bottlenecks, but you might have hesitated to automate until now to avoid trading what can look like one problem for another. But end-to-end digitization or straight-through-processing is the gold standard when it comes to business processes. And with the right partner, you’ll quickly be well on your way.

AI and machine learning should be enabling companies to deliver substantially more predictable accuracy than had been previously available. Practically speaking, accuracy is the single factor that will decide how much a company can save and how fast it can run. But in many cases, technology companies have made promises they couldn’t keep. 

100% Necessary

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Technology has turned the corner when it comes to efficient automation, and with that in mind, we’re challenging customers to be happy with their systems, versus having to put up with what they have.

Still, risks and uncertainty around vendor claims make it unclear how solutions will perform. And that leaves companies in a bind. Instead of worrying about how solutions will perform, companies could be choosing 100%. Here are some reasons why.

Companies could be choosing 100% for:


Manual Extraction Methods

100% Accurate Automation


When someone new joins, it takes a company 6-9 months before the person can operate work without their work being reviewed.

Skills and knowledge are maintained in the system.


Companies reach a point where they need to manage more volume, but can’t add more. People -- the overhead doesn’t justify it. They need automation to scale.

Unlimited scaling.


Manual labor costs to process images can become cost-prohibitive.

The lowest processing cost.

The Moment Has Arrived

Enterprises want to optimize and scale their processes, but part of doing so is being able to extract data from documents where it had previously been trapped.

Back when OCR was the only solution, you had to set up a template for each document type and match rules with incoming documents. New customers and new document types demanded more templates. But that was unpredictable and time-consuming.

Infrrd’s AI/ML-driven framework lets our platform learn, and through that, gain accuracy. Our algorithms train based on the error corrections, and we can confidently say that our system not only learns but in doing so, increases its value. That means our customers can easily scale, achieve high process efficiency, reduce cycle time, reduce cost, and have the opportunity to create new value.  

A Partnership Approach 

With our 100% Guarantee, we are tying our success to our customers. We work with you, rather than just offering you a solution and leaving you to figure out how to maximize its utility. 

It’s about trust and dependability. Premium brands should always have their customers’ needs in mind and should show their commitment through their actions. 

100% Accuracy IDP Guarantee - Intelligent Document ProcessingThat’s part of building value and a long-term relationship, which we do with a seamless, integrated experience around the purchase and use of our solution. 

Infrrd offers more predictable cost savings. And reliability makes IDP a more attractive model for enterprises, one that addresses process pain points today and delivers a quick ROI.  

The First And Only

The Infrrd Guarantee is the industry’s first and only accuracy promise.

We are very confident in the power of our technology, our platform, and our ability to execute.  That's why we are able to offer this guarantee when it might be difficult for others to do so.

Using our IDP Playbook, we offer a framework for business impact. Created based on best practices, we’ve refined it over the years, and believe it is a powerful tool for implementing IDP.

Don’t get stuck in a vendor claim validation cycle. Instead, know your costs, and be confident that you’ll get the best results. 

We are focused on creating business value for our customers. That means implementing not only the best technology but also having a strong and driven implementation team. 

Rewriting the Rules

The industry looks to Infrrd for breakthrough innovation. Once again we rewrote the rules for intelligent Document Processing with our guarantee of 100% Accuracy.

All focused on giving you the power to accelerate your digital business — with certainty.  

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