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Explained: Infrrd’s 100% Document Accuracy. Delivered.

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Transform your customer experience with the industry’s first 100% document accuracy offering

Inside this eBook is a detailed guide to understanding Infrrd’s 100% document accuracy offering.

With less than 100% accuracy, you will still need manual review and corrections. Even if an IDP solution offers as high as 95% accuracy, this still only results in a 50% efficiency gain from the process.

100% document accuracy offering completely eliminates the need for manual work resulting in 100% efficiency gain.

It allows your business to divert precious human resources for higher cognitive tasks while bringing down processing times and processing cost per document.

This eBook covers topics including:

Understanding what difference accuracy makes to your processes
What is 100% document accuracy?
How does Infrrd deliver this?
How 100% accuracy transforms document processing

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