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[eBook] Say goodbye to OCR blues and burnout

State National Automates Document Intake

It’s time to beat the OCR blues, once and for all.

You’ve tried OCR technology, but it’s fallen short.

The inability to process documents with multiple, complex variations is getting in your way. Creating a template after the template is costing you time and money, and rigid templates also take a lot to maintain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Insurance services providers have tons of documents to process. And intake can be a hassle. Like you, they’ve tried manual processing.

They’ve also attempted OCR. But it hasn’t been delivered, and then they’re back at square one.

State National cracked the code. It found an innovation breakthrough that allowed it to automate document-intake and data extraction.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how State National automated its data extraction process to:

  • Reduce costs, processing time, and error rates
  • Automate data extraction
  • Eliminate the need for templates
  • Scale without adding staff

State National beat the OCR blues. You can too.