Automate Your Mailroom Process with Infrrd and OPEX Corporation

by Karen Schwartz, on November 19, 2020 5:18:30 AM PST

End-to-end mailroom automation with intelligent document processing

Mailroom automation is a hot topic for companies dealing with incoming mail streams, especially during this time when worker safety, risk mitigation, and business continuity are paramount.

Before companies can extract valuable data from documents to securely share with an increasingly remote workforce, they have to open the envelopes, prep the documents, and then scan them into the system. From insurance companies to financial institutions, enterprises are searching for ways to automate their mailrooms and put their data to work quickly, securely, effectively, and safely. Now they can.

Infrrd™ and OPEX® provide an end-to-end solution

That’s why San Jose-based Infrrd, which automates data extraction from complex, unstructured documents, has teamed up with high-speed mailroom automation company OPEX Corporation to revolutionize the process. Together, these two industry leaders are offering an end-to-end solution that will provide companies a hands-off approach to their document digitization. 

Creating business value with automation

Coupling Infrrd’s applied AI and the OPEX® Falcon+® mailroom automation hardware, the companies are providing a complete mailroom automation solution that can address efficiency concerns and enable digital transformation. The partnership offers the highest levels of automation to tackle mailroom speed and efficiency challenges. 

Infrrd and OPEX partner for IDP-based mailroom automation solution

From an envelope to an image in one touch

The OPEX® Falcon+® RED™ scanner automatically opens envelopes and presents the contents to an operator for one-touch document scanning. After OPEX converts the physical paper into digital images and data, Infrrd’s proprietary technology takes over, handling document classification, extraction, and business decision making. 

From an image to insights

“It’s an industry first,” says Nikunj Sanghvi, Infrrd’s VP Intelligent Automation. “Internal mailrooms can be a challenge,” continues Sanghvi. “However, OPEX will work seamlessly with Infrrd to make one end-to-end solution that enterprises can benefit from.”

Together, improving our clients’ lives 

“Infrrd’s advanced recognition technology and machine learning capabilities really set it apart,” says Tim Osman, Business Alliance Manager at OPEX. “We are happy to be working with such a forward-thinking organization.”

According to Osman, Infrrd and OPEX share a similar philosophy for their customers, and that is to streamline their workflows. “When we look for partners,” says Osman, “we’re looking for firms that understand the importance of eliminating non-value-added steps and increasing the speed to process, ensuring their customers meet their SLAs and have a compliant, reliable way to capture data – and then be able to put that critical business data to work.”

End-to-end mailroom automation solution

1) Provides “Envelope to Insight” automation
2) Speeds conversion of physical documents to usable digital data
3) Eliminates costly non-value-added steps 
4) Enables enterprise-level transformation 


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