Infrrd Intelligent Document Processing Platform

Infrrd Intelligent Document
Processing Platform

Accelerate digital transformation with Intelligent WorkTM

Infrrd’s AI-led platform, built on powerful machine learning algorithms, makes end-to-end automation possible for complex business documents of any structure. 

How Does the Infrrd Platform Make Document Processing Intelligent?

We help automate at every phase of the document and data extraction process.

Document Processing Timeline

Document Preprocessing


Document Classification


Data Extraction


Data Correction


Feedback Loop


Data Validation


SLA Management


Reporting and Analytics


Review and Audit

1. Document Preprocessing
Dial up the Document Quality
Document Quality

Businesses have no control over the quality of documents they receive. Illegible, distorted, low-resolution documents slow down data capture and reduce accuracy.

Deskew, denoise, annotate, label, and organize documents to enhance their quality and get them extraction-ready. Improve the chances of high accuracy before you even start data extraction.

2. Document Classification
Find the Right Needle in a Haystack of DocumentsDocument Classification

Data teams need to sort through unnecessary, irrelevant pages to find the very few they need. Automatically classify multiple document types with an exponential improvement in speed and accuracy. 

Document Classification
Recognizes various document types and categorizes them

Intelligent Page Classification
Identifies and sorts different documents in a single file

Page Continuation
Segregates documents with a different time or date even though they look identical

3. Data Extraction
Limitless Variations Extracted. Accurately.

Data Extraction

The data you need from a particular document type may be the same but the individual documents could be laid out a million different ways.

Automatically extract high-value data from text and visual elements such as tables, checkboxes, logos, and signatures. Infrrd's IDP enables accurate, effective, and cognitive extraction even while handling multiple, diverse variations.

4. Data Correction
Don't Review What's Already Right.
Just Right the Wrong.

Data Correction

Reviewing all data to only correct a few is wasted effort. Accurately predict what data could potentially be extracted incorrectly and only review and correct these extractions.

Infrrd’s patented Confidence Score Algorithm assigns a score for each extracted field and confidently predicts which data requires review and/or correction. Bring hyper-efficiency to data correction queues drastically reducing overall processing times.

5. Feedback Loop
A Platform That Learns From Its Mistakes

Feedback Loop Corrections

Most often, data teams end up correcting the same errors over and over again.

Add intelligence to your data correction with a platform that learns from every manual correction made. Improve data accuracy exponentially and drastically increase your straight-through processing (STP) and no-touch processing (NTP) rates.

6. Data Validation
Your Business. Your Rules.

Data Validation
Businesses know the intricacies of their data and who better to configure how to validate that data?

Stop relying on your IT team to configure logic to make extracted data business-ready. With a built-in business rule feature, you can change date formats, transform currency formats, or remove irrelevant characters. The platform comes with enhanced data transformation tools that make business rules easy to configure and highly efficient.

7. SLA Management
Let VIP Documents Skip the Queue

SLA Management
All documents are important but some are more important than others. Ensure that the data turnaround time is lower for the documents that bring more revenue.

Configure correction queues to streamline data output and meet SLAs every time. Ensure critical documents don’t end up stuck in line while less important ones are being processed.

8. Reporting and Analytics
Keep an Eye on Your Team and the Platform

Reporting and Analytics

Platform and team performance management is now easy and intuitive. 

Track and analyze your data team’s performance and output quality while optimizing data correction flows easily with the reporting and analytics features.

Get real-time insights about the platform’s performance and watch as your processing times and output quality improve exponentially over time.

Review and Audit
Leave No Room for Error

Review and Audit

At the end of the day, the goal of document processing is to deliver high-quality output, therefore no error can go unchecked.

Do a tight quality check with cross-reviews and custom-configured document routing to ensure accurate output. Empower data operations managers to manage large data teams with audit features to completely eliminate error oversight.

Extract More Value From Your Data
Proprietary methods. A full AI stack. A complete solution. 

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

On any given day, our platform will perform better than the day before. Infrrd leverages machine learning and other AI technologies to learn and continuously improve. Learning makes the solution smarter and more capable, which delivers a continuous stream of performance improvements.


Template-free Extraction

Template-free means your operations team can reduce the overhead required to manage the system, and easily scale without needing to add headcount. It also allows your process to respond more quickly to changes.

Template-free Extraction
Complex Document Handling


Complex Document Handling

With a single platform to handle all your document requirements, you have a solution that will deliver the most thorough automation possible. Automation will not only be for some documents, but for all documents. The result is the highest automation rate and the lowest manual workload.


Enterprise Scalability

With a scalable IDP solution, you get steady and smooth operations, regardless of volume and document changes. You’ll be able to scale without adding staff, and your business team can control and manage the solution. This capability is critical to achieve an agile, flexible process.

Enterprise Scalability
Performance-Based Pricing


Performance-Based Pricing

Infrrd is the only IDP vendor in the market to offer performance-based pricing. Due to our platform’s robust capabilities, proven performance, and the transformation we consistently achieve with our clients, we confidently tie our cost to our platform’s performance.

Powering 100% Document Accuracy

Infrrd is the first in the industry to provide an IDP platform bundled with a 100% document offering. Our platform’s powerful capabilities fuel our confidence to promise and deliver 100% accuracy. 

Explore 100% Document Accuracy