Infrrd & State National Companies Partner to Transform Process, Elevate CX

Infrrd & State National Companies Partner to Transform Process, Elevate CX

on Feb 25, 2021 5:05:00 AM

San Jose, CA and Bedford, TX -- Intelligent Document Processing firm Infrrd and State National Companies, a leading specialty provider of insurance services, have teamed up to enhance the experience of State National’s customers by transforming the way the company processes client data

Infrrd and State National are working together to elevate State National’s industry-leading solutions with further breakthrough innovation and technology. Infrrd's AI-native Intelligent Document Processing platform will enable State National to digitize its processes and get information from PDFs, images, emails and paper into its systems more efficiently.

Infrrd’s platform will provide consistency and prevent information bottlenecks. This project stands to have a remarkable impact on processing speed and efficiency, removing customer friction and improving the overall experience for both State National’s lender partners and their borrowers.

State National manages 2.1 million potential document variations. “Dealing with over 2,100 insurance companies, each with multiple versions of their own company-specific forms, called for a powerful and flexible solution. Infrrd is providing a solution that is configured to fit State National’s unique vision for process excellence,” explains David Crawford, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for State National. 

Companies often struggle with document processing because template-based solutions can’t handle the variation across all of their documents, explains Infrrd CEO Amit Jnagal. However, State National’s decision to innovate and transform its business process with Infrrd’s prediction-based platform matches State National’s mission to provide the industry’s most advanced solutions. Both companies expect 2021 to be a powerful year in their work together. 

“Innovating in this arena directly affects both customer satisfaction and ROI,” Jnagal explains. “We are thrilled to partner with State National to help the company transform its data processes, and to help them offer a new level of service to their customers that further enhances accuracy.”

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About Infrrd

Infrrd is a leading innovator in applied AI. Its prediction-based Intelligent Document Processing platform automatically classifies and extracts data from documents to fuel more intelligent automation and digital transformation. Enterprises across the globe use Infrrd solutions to automate more, improve employee productivity, accelerate business processes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. To learn more, visit

About State National Companies

State National Companies, Inc. is a leading specialty provider of property and casualty insurance services operating in two niche markets across the United States. In its Lender Services segment, the company specializes in providing portfolio protection solutions that insure autos, mortgages, and other collateral for loans made by credit unions, banks, and specialty finance companies. In its Program Services segment, the company leverages its “A” (Excellent) A.M. Best rating, expansive licenses, and trusted reputation to provide access to the U.S. property and casualty insurance market in exchange for ceding fees. State National Companies is a division of Markel, a Fortune 500 holding company for insurance, reinsurance, and investment operations. To learn more, please browse our website and connect on LinkedIn.

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