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Infrrd Research Lab Wins First Place in NeurIPS 2022 Competition for Natural Language Processing

on Dec 8, 2022 6:29:51 AM

San Jose, Calif. …December 8, 2022 … Infrrd, a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, announced today that the research conducted by Infrrd’s Research Lab has won the Natural Language for Optimization (NL4Opt) 2022 competition. This annual workshop is hosted by Neural Information Processing Systems, a non-profit corporation that fosters the exchange of research advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

In this year’s competition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) research teams across the world were tasked with investigating the best methods to automate the conversion of text descriptions into proper formulations for optimization solvers. The problem was further broken into two parts. First, to find an intelligent solution to detect problem entities from the text, and second, to generate a precise meaning representation.

Infrrd’s AI Research Lab took part in the competition and solved both the sub-tasks. The solution methodology presented by Infrrd’s team of researchers JiangLong He, Mamatha N., Shiv Vignesh, Deepak Kumar, and Akshay Uppal outperformed all other methodologies presented in the Named Entity Recognition sub-task. 

The team succeeded in identifying problem entities from the problem statement with their innovative approach, entitled, “A System for Named Entity Recognition Using Data Augmentation Transformer-Based Sequence Labeling Model, and EnsembleCRF.” 

As part of the recognition earned by the Research Lab, the team was asked to present their approach at the NeuIPS conference in New Orleans on December 8, 2022. JiangLong He from the Infrrd Research Lab represented Infrrd’s research done by him and the team.

“Our research team is striving to perfect named entity recognition which is a key element of building intelligence into document processing. We’re honored to receive this recognition, which is a validation of how Infrrd’s NLP research is blazing the trails in the IDP space,” said Pratyusha Rasamsetty, head of Infrrd’s Research Lab.

To learn more about Infrrd’s approach to solving the task for which it was recognized at NL4Opt, click here. 



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