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Infrrd Positioned as a Leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix Analysis for IDP

February 8, 2022

Infrrd was recognized as a Technology Leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix™ analysis of the global Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

San Jose, CA - Infrrd, a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, announced today that Quadrant Knowledge Solutions named the Company a 2021 technology leader in its SPARK Matrix™ analysis of the global Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading IDP vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix, providing strategic information for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

The Infrrd IDP solution helps organizations automate and streamline the process of capturing, classifying, and managing relevant information from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents for further processing. Infrrd’s solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning (ML) for intelligent document processing.

Driven by the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on business and technology, IDP solutions and technologies are continuously evolving to offer advanced data processing capabilities. This unprecedented rise in remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the trend of increasing digitalization promoting document conversion into digital formats -- across multiple industry verticals – is expected to drive the growth within the IDP segment. With the growing maturity and advancements in technologies, IDP vendors are making a significant investment in improving features and functionalities of their solutions by leveraging ML and AI to automate document processing and improve efficiencies, resource utilization, and productivity.

“Infrrd, with its comprehensive AI-based technologies offering template-free data extraction IDP solutions, has received strong ratings across technology excellence and customer impact. To this end, Infrrd ranked amongst the leading technology vendors in the 2021 SPARK Matrix of the Intelligent Document Processing market,” said Pranjal Singh, analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

“Infrrd’s capabilities in data extraction of complex and semi-structured documents, customized configurability, machine learning-based table extraction, multi-language capability, document classification, audit, and process efficiencies help organizations to unlock data from complex documents to facilitate digitization and empower intelligent work. With its robust technology platform, comprehensive functional capabilities, and compelling product strategy and roadmap, Infrrd is well-positioned to expand its market share in the global IDP market,” Singh concluded.

“In the next 3-5 years, AI and robotic capabilities will come together. The marriage of these functionalities will expedite IDP to new levels by elevating the accuracy of data extraction and driving higher outcomes for scalability to transform the way businesses process documents and data. We call this intelligent work. Infrrd is already on this pathway as evidenced by our 100 percent data extraction confidence rate, which our clients tell us is changing the way they do business,” stated Amit Jnagal, Infrrd founder and chief executive officer.

To download a copy of the SPARK Matrix™ analysis, click here.

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About Infrrd

San Jose, Calif.-based Infrrd is a leading provider of proprietary and patented Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, which leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable enterprises to extract and manage data from semi-structured and unstructured documents in large volumes. Infrrd offers pre-built, highly configurable solutions for managing complex documents with reliable accuracy, such as invoices, claims and bank statements with reliable accuracy, while also allowing organizations to create and train new models. Enterprises across the globe use Infrrd’s solutions to enhance employee productivity, improve operations, accelerate business scalability, reap cost efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

​​For more information, visit or connect with Infrrd on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Media Contacts

Infrrd Media Contact:

Susan Turkell

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Quadrant Media Contact:

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Frequently asked questions

What does your pricing model look like?

We price based on the annual volume of pages and complexity of document type.  We can get you preliminary pricing once we outlined a solution.  Let's do this.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

How can I try Infrrd before I commit to a full deployment?

Sure.  The first step is to schedule a guided demo where you get to jump into the thick of it.  After you explore our solution you can try a proof of concept. When you're ready, you can deploy the system to one use case.  Then more use cases.  Then across your enterprise.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

How does your system integrate with others in my enterprise?

We play nice.  Our solutions are API-based.  Your documents are feed into the solution using APIs. And extracted data is sent out through APIs.  We use REST APIs.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

Does your solution run in the cloud or on premise?

Our solution is cloud-native but is also design for premise deployments.  Your choice on how you want to deploy it.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

Does Infrrd run on mobile or desktop device?

Glad you asked.  Our data extraction process runs on servers.  We have found performance and accuracy decline when running on a desktop or mobile device. (Remember Infrrd is running a powerful AI stack).

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

Does your system work out of the box or does it require training?

Common documents and use cases work out of the box.  The cool thing is your solution will improve as the system learns from your documents upfront and over time.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

How does your solution handle corrections?

Did you know no system is 100% accurate all the time?  When extraction errors occur you want to correct them.  We provide a simple UI that your business analyst will use to make corrections.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert

Does your solution work with handwriting?

Our solution excels at data extraction from handwriting.  We've got proprietary methods and techniques that do the trick.  It's pretty cool.  See for yourself.

To know more, book a 15-min session with an IDP expert