Infrrd 100 Percent Document Accuracy Delivered

Infrrd Unveils Industry-First 100% Accuracy Offering for Document Processing

on Jun 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Company’s AI-led Intelligent Document Processing Solution Allows Accounts Payable Departments to Transform Invoice Management Results of Company’s Powerful and Proven AI-led Intelligent Document Processing Technology and Data Expertise Now Backed by Performance-based Pricing

SAN JOSE, California, June 15, 2022 - Infrrd, a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, announced today the unveiling of an industry-first 100 percent accuracy offering for the processing of high volumes of complex documents spanning many variations of document types. These include, among others, invoices, mortgage-related documents, Form W2s, tax paperwork and more.

With its new 100 percent accuracy offering, Infrrd is promising its customers they can achieve unprecedented levels of success in the extraction and processing of data from within their documents. This is due to the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led capabilities found in Infrrd’s proprietary and patented technology. Infrrd’s IDP software platform, coupled with its team of data experts (which provides as needed human-in-the-loop processing), has the ability to learn from initial errors in the processing of data and quickly correct these to ultimately reach this 100 percent accuracy target.

Infrrd is packaging this core offering with a performance-based pricing model to stand by its accuracy claim. Numerous customers across varying industries and sizes are already benefiting from this model. As an example, one global technology Infrrd customer processing more than 40,000 documents per month has already been benefiting from 100 percent accuracy since day one of live production.

In addition to Infrrd’s 100 percent accuracy offering, its customers also are experiencing greater-than-anticipated, no-touch processing results (where no human-in-the-loop is needed) to reach the highest levels of accuracy in data extraction. For example, a leading financial services customer realized a 200 percent increase in no-touch processing in just two short months.

“We are offering services backed by our 100 percent accuracy promise based on performance because we are very confident in the power and proficiency of our technology and the subsequent results it delivers to Infrrd customers. Our AI-led solution ensures customers can reach their processing goals seamlessly and more quickly with 100 percent accuracy than any other solution in the market,” explained Amit Jnagal, Infrrd founder and chief executive officer.

“Of late, customers of other IDP vendors have shared with us how they have not been able to reach their desired levels of document accuracy in their processing initiatives. Many of these companies have since moved to the Infrrd IDP platform where we have fast-proven our abilities in addressing their issues and delivering the highest level of data accuracy. This, in turn, has transformed their businesses by enhancing their productivity, improving operations, accelerating business scalability, reaping cost efficiencies and elevating their customer experiences. Our customers are already harnessing the benefits of our technology which is why we are now offering this unique 100 percent accuracy promise with performance-based pricing,” Jnagal added.

Infrrd customers can feel confident in the Company’s IDP technology as every solution offered is backed by industry-standard certifications, such as ISO-27001, and also are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant.

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San Jose, Calif.-based Infrrd is a leading provider of proprietary and patented Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, which leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable enterprises to extract and manage data from semi-structured and unstructured documents in large volumes. Infrrd offers pre-built, highly configurable solutions for managing complex documents with reliable accuracy, such as invoices, claims and bank statements, while also allowing organizations to create and train new models. Enterprises across the globe use Infrrd’s solutions to enhance employee productivity, improve operations, accelerate business scalability, reap cost efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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