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Executive Guide: Infrrd IDP for Mortgage

Get on the path to no-touch mortgage approvals with Intelligent Document Processing


According to a recent McKinsey report, automating document processing with IDP has the potential to save organizations up to 90% in operational costs. Mortgage companies are transforming digitally and embracing AI to not only significantly curtail expenses, but also to accelerate the scale and speed at which they process mortgage applications.

When choosing an AI-powered intelligent document processing solution, what should you look for and what problems will it solve? Understanding this requires a good amount of research and that is why we created this detailed Executive Guide.

This comprehensive guide walks you through:

  •   The current challenges to offering a highly accurate, no-touch mortgage  approval process
  •   10 telltale signs of an effective IDP solution and pitfalls to avoid
  •   How IDP can help you cut costs, better scale your operations, and offer a  superior customer experience
  •   How a leading mortgage company was able to process applications 45% faster, with higher accuracy

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