Automate Data Extraction From Complex Documents

Intelligent Document Processing

End-to-end process automation is finally possible

Turn unstructured data into clean, consumable data that can drive intelligent automation


Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) extracts the data locked in your most challenging documents

Extract data from complex documents with IDP

Complex Documents

  • Complex layouts
  • Multiple languages
  • Contextual relationships 
  • Noisy backgrounds
Extract data from unstructured documents with IDP

Unstructured Documents

  • Structure varies over time
  • Layouts vary between sources
  • New docs get added in
  • Data not always in the same spot
Infrrd goes beyond documents - Intelligent Data Processing from documents and images

Human-like processing for all kinds of documents

  1. Handwriting
  2. Engineering Drawings
  3. Images
  4. Complex Tables
  5. Graphs

no exceptions.

IDP Uses 5 Powerful AI Technologies -

computer vision - Intelligent Document Processing IDP

Computer Vision

NLP Natural Language Processing and IDP Intelligent Data Processing

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning ML for IDP Intelligent Document Processing

Machine Learning


Neural Networks

OCR is just one part of IDP Intelligent Document Processing

Optical Character Recognition

- to extract more value from your unstructured data.

Proprietary methods. A full AI stack. A complete solution.

Beyond Templates

  • Template-free approach to extraction
  • No template management drudgery 
  • No template expense
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Beyond Templates

Way Beyond OCR

The Infrrd® IDP Platform can handle complex challenges that OCR could never dream of solving

Ok, but what about ML OCR?
Intelligent Document Processing - Much better performance than OCR 1

No Data Scientist Needed

  • Self-service for business users
  • Exclusive load, train and go methodology
  • You take care of your business...Infrrd does the data science
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No data scientist needed for Intelligent Data Processing

Built for the Enterprise

  • Scales for high volume and unlimited use cases
  • Meets enterprise security and compliance standards
  • Cloud or on premise 

ISO 27001


Enterprise Intelligent Document Processing

From simple to complex, IDP processes any document type

Complex Tables

Read and understand the data in tables including tables that are nested, packed, have no borders, and more. Understand drawings, symbols, and context. Match and validate data.

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Extract data from tables - even complex, nested tables
Faster insurance claims processing - classify and extract data from insurance claims

Insurance Documents

Extract data from Acord Forms, Policy Declaration Forms, Claims, Invoices, and more. Learn new forms as they come in. Process 100s of document types in one long PDF.

Handwritten Documents

Process handwriting in complex, noisy documents. A powerful AI stack delivers industry-leading accuracy and performance. 

Recognize handwriting on forms and documents
IDP extracts data from multiple languages in one document


Process multiple languages in one document.  Learns and adapts to new languages and terms. Chinese receipts are no problem.


Extract data from images, logos, banners, seals, and stamps. Adapts to variation, shape, color, size, orientation, and noisy backgrounds. 

IDP extracts data from documents with logos, stamps, seals, and more.
Extract data from graphs - Intelligent Document Processing IDP


Read and extract data from graphs. Capture contextual information across time and between graphs.

Invoices and Receipts

Extract from standard and custom forms. Template-free simplicity. Learns and adapts to variations.

Template-free invoice and receipt data extraction