[White Paper] 10 Critical Capabilities for IDP Solutions

How can intelligent document processing unlock business value from your data?

IDP Critical Capabillities


Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions automate document intake processes with complex, unstructured documents. It's a breakthrough solution that promises to eliminate your manual processing bottlenecks.

But many leaders, like you, have a difficult time sorting through vendor claims and finding an IDP solution that works to optimize your specific use case.

“What’s the data extraction accuracy?” is a short-sighted qualifying question.

Accuracy is important, but accuracy alone won't deliver the business value you’re after. You can't evaluate IDP solutions based solely on questions about accuracy.

You need a scorecard that extends beyond the best technology, to the factors that ensure your solution is able to:

  • address your specific process challenges
  • work in your enterprise operations
  • be easily managed, and
  • deliver business value

Evaluate IDP vendors and solutions using critical capabilities

The key to understanding and evaluating solution options is to use a scorecard that covers all the capabilities critical to your business success.

Critical capabilities are the fundamental building blocks of a document processing solution. They help you understand what is required for you to build, deploy, operate, and manage your best IDP solution.

Critical capabilities will help you answer these questions:

  • What capabilities do I need in an IDP solution for my use case to drive business results?
  • Which capabilities are most important?
  • What scoring framework should I use?
  • How do I know which IDP claims are real?
  • How do I cut through vendor smoke and mirrors?

Exploring critical capabilities is your best way to measure how different vendors can address document intake bottlenecks and improve your data extraction processes.

10 critical capabilities for IDP

To help you answer those questions, we're offering our 10 Critical Capabilities for IDP white paper.

Developed based on our extensive experience in the field, and after seeing hundreds of RFPs, watching leaders make mistakes, and helping customers achieve big payoffs.

This white paper will guide you through the top capabilities, providing a detailed examination of each, plus questions to ask vendors when evaluating each capability.

The white paper takes you through 10 capabilities including:

Capability Business Benefit
AI-native platform Improves accuracy, performance, agility, flexibility
Learns and improves The system automatically improves its performance and generates greater business value
Template-free Improves manageability, scalability, and avoids OCR fatigue


For each of the 10 critical capabilities, the guide outlines: 

  • the business problem that needs to be solved
  • solution recommendations
  • questions to ask
  • business impacts the capability will deliver

Are you missing a critical capability?

Download and read the white paper to understand the 10 capabilities required to optimize your process and deliver business impact. Use the guide to check if you've missed an important area, and to make your own scorecard more robust and complete. 

Don’t be left short. Get the white paper.

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