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[Use Case] 80% Faster Document Processing for Tax Services

Technology-led Transformation Yields High-Impact Efficiencies

Our client, a world leader in withholding tax recovery services, has periodic cycles throughout the year when they receive thousands of high-variation documents that need to be identified, sorted, and routed. As they depended on manual processing for this, each document took about an hour to be processed.

This is when they reached out to Infrrd in search of automation solutions that can help reduce overall processing time. In January 2022, they implemented Infrrd for Invoice, an AI and Ml-powered intelligent document processing solution with patented features, and saw a technology-led transformation of their processes.

Read the use case to learn how they:

Reduced processing time by 80% and achieved 39% straight-through processing.
Improved ability to identify, understand and handle errors, reducing time needed to review and correct documents
Improved team engagement and productivity with the help of technology