[Use Case] Automate Processes to Get Data from Drawings

Oil and Gas Processing Company Automates for Quicker, More Accurate Results

3-Reshaping-the-future-of-the-Oil-and-Gas-IndustryAn oil and gas processing company uses data within engineering drawings to develop a bill of material for a processing plant’s required components. The drawings have contextual relationships that make it a challenge to extract accurate data.

The complexity of the engineering drawings requires trained staff to read and interpret the drawings and schematics. Additionally, contextual relationships in the data are something only a human could extract, and well beyond an OCR system’s capabilities.

The company was able to automate its processes which “resulted in a pretty dramatic improvement…”  

Read the use case and learn how the firm:

  • Improved extraction accuracy.
  • Lowered process time.
  • Improved by learning variations and making corrections.

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