[Use Case] Don’t Let Unstructured Data Stop You

Electrical Parts Manufacturer Ups it's RFP Response Through Automation

5-Automating-the-workflow-of-RFPAn electrical parts manufacturer bids on RFPs for major construction projects, such as a soccer stadium. The RFP contains specifics as to which electrical components are required, but extracting this information is a major challenge, as the document contains panel drawings, engineering diagrams, symbols, and P&ID with contextual data.

Manual extraction, a slow and hard-to-scale process, requires skilled staff to extract, validate and enter the data into the bid processing system.

This electronics manufacturer spent two years and millions of dollars trying to automate the extraction process, but couldn’t.

Read the use case and learn how Infrrd helped the manufacturer automate the process and:

  • Increased RFP processing capacity by 600% without adding staff.
  • Improved RFP response time by 3x.
  • Reduced error rates and time needed to validate the data.

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