[Use Case] Cut Through the Colors, Noise, and Complexity to Extract from Stamps

Financial Services Company Pulls Data from Diverse Images Smarter and Faster

6-Interactive-data-extraction-from-stamp-images“The experience with Infrrd has been great, they’ve really worked hard to resolve all the different
challenges we faced by our team for processing unconventional images. ”

A global financial service provider offers a range of solutions around multi-currency payments,
value-added tax refunds, and credit card processing.

Their tax refund solution requires data to be extracted from stamps on receipts and invoices. These stamps contain critical information including amounts, time, locations.

Stamps aren’t often structured according to a specific stamp template nor do they conform to a fixed layout. Each domain has a number of enterprises with a different stamp layout, shapes, and data. The placement of data in each stamp differs from person to person. In some cases, even if the designs were similar, the text was different.

Stamps, images, logos, banners are difficult to extract data from because of:

  • Random Orientation
  • Different Text Type
  • Styling
  • Print Quality
  • Shape, etc.

This non-standard layout made OCR data extraction challenging and cumbersome. So instead, the data extraction process was manual.  Skilled staff used to have to spend hours extracting this data which drove up process cost and agility. 

This use case provides an example of how Infrrd makes intelligent document processing work in an operational setting and delivers business impact. It also outlines how we help this company automate data extraction from stamps using intelligent document processing (IDP). 

Get the use case and see how Infrrd automated this process and helped the firm:

  • Automate the processing of unconventional images.
  • Increase extraction accuracy.
  • Reduce processing time.

Infrrd makes intelligent document processing work. For you.

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