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[Use Case] 8X Faster Invoice Processing with 98% Accuracy. Delivered.

A global insurance provider accelerates invoice processing by automating data extraction from complex tables

8x Faster Invoice Processing with 98 Percent Accuracy Delivered

As a full-service insurance provider with fluctuating high volumes of claims, our client struggled with manually processing invoices as it drained their time and resources. Important data they needed for faster claims processing was stuck in tables and was impossible to automate with legacy OCR tools.

They processed a wide range of claims and the variation across their invoices was monumental. They needed a solution that was invoice variation-agnostic and highly accurate when it came to data extraction.

That is when they explored Infrrd for Invoice and the results they achieved were transformative.

Read the use case and learn how they achieved:

8X faster invoice processing
98% accuracy in extracting invoice data
Extraction of complex tabular data accurately