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80% Faster Document Processing for Tax Services

Our client, a world leader in withholding tax recovery services, has periodic cycles throughout the year when they receive thousands of high-variation documents that need to be identified, sorted, and routed. As they depended on manual processing for this, each document took about an hour to be processed.

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8X Faster Invoice Processing with 98% Accuracy. Delivered.

A global insurance provider accelerates invoice processing by automating data extraction from complex tables

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80% Faster Invoice and Expense Processing

It’s no longer impossible to extract data from invoices with endless variations, irregularities, and quality. A travel and expense service tackled invoices, receipts, claims, processing, and reimbursement.

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Mortgage Document Processing 

How we got a global Fintech company closer to low-touch mortgage processing by reducing the overall processing time while increasing extraction accuracy

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Claims Processing SLA

One of the industry’s largest claims administrators serving global P&C insurance firms faced what seemed like an impossible challenge. 

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Annual Reports

Annual reports are full of valuable information. Automating data extraction lets you speedily analyze millions of these complex financial documents and scale efforts to inform investments and manage portfolios.

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Financial Data in Tables

Humans aren’t the only ones who can analyze companies’ financial performance in a credit portfolio. Automating the process means staff doesn’t have to go through it all. There’s a more effective way to extract data from tables and scales.

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Engineering Diagrams

Speed and scale aren’t words that come to mind when it comes to reading complex engineering drawings and schematics -- it takes skilled, manual labor. One oil servicing company found a better way to extract data and put it to use.

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Handwritten Receipts and Stamps

Data doesn’t have to be stuck on long receipts with handwritten detail, or text within stamps. A payment processing firm extracted its data and got great results.

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Symbols, Diagrams, and Unstructured Text

There’s now an easier way to automate your RFP process, even when data is trapped in complex documents and formats -- it’s faster, cleaner, and requires less manual intervention. 

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Stamps, Logos, and Seals

Stamps don’t have to be hard to read. Process data in stamp images and cut extraction time by 5x with automation, even if the images are varied or unconventional.

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Invoices with Tables

Extracting data from invoices with tables shouldn’t be so slow. One insurance firm automated the process and sped up reimbursement by 8x.

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Extract and Analyze Data from Images

Getting data, images, and metadata organized for success doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, the process led one firm to cost savings and a better search.

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Complex Docs with Contextual Relationships

An audit that includes extracting data from complex trading documents doesn’t have to take forever, as one investment services firm discovered. The company cut its process time by 80%.

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Extract Data with Context from Emails

Automatically mining and analyzing emails for offers from suppliers to ensure discounts are applied could save you a lot of time and money. 

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Complex Tables and Panel Drawings 

Automating data extraction from complex panels can cut your processing time significantly, as one manufacturer discovered. 

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Unstructured Travel Receipts 

Machine learning can significantly improve extraction accuracy from travel receipts, as one firm discovered. 

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Multiple, Long Receipts

You can take the guesswork out of your customers’ next purchases, even if all you have are previous purchase receipts, as one e-commerce company learned. 

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