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Discover IDP

Hearing about IDP for the first time? Here are some ultimate guides to help learn how to leverage technology to

Just OCR doesn’t work

Reap high efficiencies from data extraction with IDP. Move over legacy OCR technologies which add no value to your process automation efforts

Leave data extraction to experts

Your business is not extracting data from documents then why spend time and resources maintaining data extraction teams

Free your staff from cognitive boredom

With IDP, your data executives move away from ‘stare and compare’ tasks and empower them to take charge of extraction accuracy instead

Customer Quote
We’ve spent a lot of money to develop automated data-extraction solutions in the past, but none of them moved the needle enough to justify the investment. We didn’t think the available solutions were robust enough. We wanted a cutting-edge AI solution that could transform the way we process our clients’ data enough to noticeably improve their daily ease of use and ultimate results.
- David Crawford
Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, State National
Case Study
80% Faster Document Processing for Tax Services

Stay ahead of the curve. Adopt IDP now

With rapid changes in the labour market and the high demand for hyperautomation, IDP adoption has skyrocketed among all major industries. Don’t let your competitors ahead of you because the time for IDP is now.

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