Be more than an intern

Join our ML team as an intern and learn things that will accelerate your career
  • Solve real-world problems using real-world data and see your work in action
  • Do more than repetitive tasks and contribute while making an impact
  • Be mentored by a team that's ahead of its game
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I felt like a full-time employee from day one of my internship. I saw my work implemented in the product and in a small span of time I felt like I gained a year's experience. Unlike my friends who did repetitive tasks in mega companies, my internship at Infrrd set me up on a great career path

-Pavan Padubidri, Intern at Infrrd 

Who's eligible?

Completed or enrolled in Undergrad or Masters program
Experience with at least one of the following ML areas: Computer Vision, Graphics, Natural Language 
Experience programming in at least one language (e.g. Python, Scala, Java or C/C++).
Curious, self-motivated, and excited about solving open-ended challenges that our ML team is currently solving
Great communication skills, both oral and written.

What will you work on?

As an intern, you’ll work along with our ML team solving problems in applied AI. You’ll work with our brilliant ML team to develop, build and optimize machine learning, computer vision, and NLP algorithms. You will have mentors to help you solve these problems efficiently and implement them successfully to address real-world problems using real-world data.

You will also collaborate with software development team to see your work in action and learn everything you need to know to become a good ML engineer.

Why work for our ML team?

Infrrd's ML team is ahead of the curve solving problems that have never been solved before. With their innovation-first approach, you get to be a part of a team that is bridging the gap knowledge gap in the industry. You get to work with a team that has won international competitions and been awarded patents. From what we have heard from our interns, you get a year's worth of industry experience in a short span.
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