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Intelligent Document Processing

The Playbook: Our Value Creation Roadmap

Complex Problems 1

You Have a Complex Problem

Complex document extraction problems are getting in the way of your progress.

You want to execute your business processes with digital efficiency, but you’re stuck because you don’t have the right technology.

And it’s actually about more than just technology. To create a lasting business impact, you also need a plan. That’s where our Playbook comes in.

The Infrrd Playbook is Your Roadmap To Solve It

The Infrrd® Playbook is a best-practices roadmap we’ve created to deliver enterprise value using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

It is designed to make AI work for you while managing process risks and uncertainties.

And our IDP Platform and Playbook support our ability to guarantee your solution performance.

Infrrd Playbook is Your Roadmap

Enterprise Value Creation Framework

The Playbook provides a unique enterprise framework and specific methods to implement IDP and achieve the best possible business outcomes.

And since the Playbook does not take shortcuts, or put Band-Aids on common AI problems, we can ensure quick and lasting benefits. Managing these factors means your solution will have the fastest time to value, and positive outcomes that will continue for the solution’s lifecycle.

The Playbook outlines the solution lifecycle — from when we engage, through solution onboarding, to delivering scalable value every day.

The Playbook addresses factors critical to creating value:

  • Application and management of AI technology
  • Machine learning and performance improvement
  • Integration, adoption, and operation in your enterprise
  • Performance management

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The Playbook Framework

The Playbook uses a 5-step framework to guide you through successfully deploying and operating IDP. Each step contains specific methods, proprietary techniques, tools, and the best practices necessary to create business value.

Key sections of the framework include:


The Business Case

We explore your business initiatives and goals, the current environment, success metrics, use cases and solution requirements. We’ll help you validate the use case that fits you best to ensure project success and to achieve the target ROI.

  • Business case and target outcomes
  • Solution alignment to business goals
  • Impact acceleration 

Solution Onboarding

Solution onboarding is a critical element in ensuring quick time to value and speedy success. Since we are using machine learning systems, we’ll define an ML-tuning approach to train the solution. Infrrd will employ its unique approach to training, and craft a strategy specific to fit your extraction needs.

  • Onboarding a use case
  • Implementation and integration 
  • Automation and human tasks


Once the solution is in operation, we will need to ensure it performs well in the enterprise environment, and scales as necessary. We will ensure the IT is ready to support the solution as needed. Importantly, we will ensure you can easily administer, manage the solution, and perform common tasks.

  • MLOps and scaling
  • Solution management
  • User controls

AI Lifecycle Management

Infrrd makes sure that the advanced AI technology you will be using is managed to achieve its goals. We will ensure AI learns and improves, so your solution gets better and better. Infrrd has special methods that harness and apply AI’s power to improve your business process.

  • Training and re-training
  • Model management and improvement
  • Data strategy and plan


Infrrd employs a governance model to manage critical aspects of the solution. This ensures risks are identified and managed. Infrrd also uses a governance process to manage AI models.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Risk management
  • AI model management

Worry-Free IDP for Intelligent Automation

Infrrd’s approach lets you use advanced AI technology to take your business to the next level.  The factors critical to your success are managed and optimized using The Playbook. No surprises. Just transparency, and results.

Worry-free automation.

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