The Infrrd Guarantee

Intelligent Document Processing with 100% accurate data extraction


You Made a Promise to Your Customer

They’re counting on your capabilities and trusting that you’ll deliver value.

Data you can trust 100% of the time helps you keep that promise.

Not 50% or 60% of the time.

Anything less than 100% is not enough to give your customers the experiences they expect.

Why We Created The Infrrd Guarantee

You should be confident in the data that fuels your process.

We created The Infrrd Guarantee so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate data.

The Guarantee removes performance uncertainty and makes data extraction from complex documents easy and reliable.

100% Acuuracy Guarantee

The Industry’s First and Only 100% Accuracy Guarantee

The Infrrd Guarantee is our commitment to you that your solution will perform as promised. The guarantee ensures that your data extraction solution will provide 100% accuracy from day one.

If the solution misses the accuracy target, we correct it, at no additional cost to you.

- Infrrd extracts data with 100% accuracy

- No more guessing and uncertainty about the accuracy

- Eliminates confusion over offerings and claim

How We Deliver Our Promise to You

Infrrd’s three-pillar approach -- Platform, Playbook, and Promise -- offers the highest level of enterprise performance.



Your IDP application will run on the Infrrd IDP Platform. The platform uses powerful AI technology to extract data from the most complex and unstructured documents, a cognitive task only humans could execute in the past.



Infrrd’s Playbook uses unique and proprietary methods to implement your use case, achieving business outcomes in the fastest and most predictable way possible.



The Infrrd IDP Platform and Playbook allow us to fully commit to your accuracy. This roadmap ensures you can achieve full value and speedy delivery, and we guarantee these results in a timely manner.  That is our Promise.

What You Get

By guaranteeing the solution’s performance, Infrrd removes barriers that have kept you from transforming processes and creating new, compelling value for your customers.


You get a partner willing to shoulder solution risk, and to guarantee 100% accuracy.


You get a business case with the fastest time to value, known cost, and ROI certainty.


You get extracted data that works 100% of the time. 

Operational Excellence

Our 100% guarantee means you can fuel your processes with data you can trust.

Your customers expect 100%. Let’s deliver.


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