CFO Thought Leader Podcast: The Age of Intelligent Document Processing

The Age of Intelligent Document Processing Podcast

The document processing needs of the trillion-dollar mortgage industry are complex. Mortgage origination and approval is a document-driven, labor-intensive process. An underwriter has to go through complex documents in different formats, verify their validity and analyze the risk. Error in data extraction or mismatch in provided documents creates back and forth between the borrower and underwriter, making the mortgage approval process slow and tedious.

Infrrd’s AI-led Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solves these problems efficiently and effectively. It is the quickest path to no-touch processing which means that these complex documents will now be processed by the IDP platform with 100% accuracy and delivers valuable insights to the underwriter.

In this episode of the insightful CFO Thought Leader Podcast, host Jack Sweeney talks to S.A. Ibrahim, a future-forward mortgage industry leader from Mortgage Executive Roundtable, and Amit Jnagal, CEO of Infrrd, about how AI is behind document processing’s next wave. They discuss topics such as:

  1. The problems AI-led IDP solves for the mortgage industry
  2. Getting to no-touch mortgage approvals with 100% accuracy
  3. The unhappy customers of OCR 
  4. The transformational benefits of IDP, and more.

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