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Intelligent invoice processing [video]



How to automate data extraction from unstructured invoices

Invoices aren’t all identical

If they were, processing and classifying the information from them wouldn’t be so time-consuming, expensive, and resource-intensive.

In reality, invoices exist in a wide variety of formats, including complex, unstructured documents that can include variations in language and the way they are coded.

Use case Accounts payable
Document type Invoices
Challenge How to automate data extraction from unstructured invoices


Conventional approaches are limited, rigid

Traditional approaches based on templates and OCR are rigid, can't adapt, and require lots of overhead.  They work well when all your invoices are identical but...

How do you manage invoices that aren’t simple and identical?

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how Infrrd takes a fundamentally different approach to invoice processing.

You'll see how Infrrd’s Intelligent Document Processing platform is giving its customers and partners alternatives to the limitations of legacy invoice solutions.

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Infrrd is fundamentally different

OCR systems are designed on the principle that invoices are in a fixed format.  Unstructured invoices are beyond OCR's capabilities. 

Infrrd's starts with a very different premise: You don't control the invoices that you process. 

If you've got unstructured invoices, then Infrrd's Intelligent Invoice Processing solution is the right tool for the job.

What does that mean for you?

The video  illustrates how Infrrd’s breakthrough IDP technology works and how it:

  • eliminates templates and their overhead
  • provides data extraction and processing that is flexible, agile, scalable
  • is easily controlled by your business team
This means you can easily automate the processing of invoices that aren't rigid and simple

Intelligent invoice processing

Infrrd brings innovation to invoice management by using ML (machine learning), computer vision, and natural language processing to deliver a business solution that conquers the challenges of variation and complexity. The end-to-end process automation that used to be a dream is now a reality.

Watch the video now. It could be the best two minutes (and change) you’ll spend today

Learn more:  The 10 Critical Capabilities white paper details the success factors of an IDP solution

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