Infographic: IDP and AI-Led Transformation for Mortgage


The trillion-dollar U.S. mortgage industry is in the early stages of a massive transformation in automation. Many early adopters in the industry have already started benefiting from implementing AI-led IDP solutions as part of this transformation.

Infrrd and Apps Run the World, a leading technology market research firm, surveyed over 200 banking, financial services companies, and independent mortgage firms who were early AI-led IDP adopters.

The research report contains valuable insights and concrete examples of how IDP has impacted the customer experience for the surveyed companies.

We have consolidated the report in this detailed infographic that showcases the key findings of how IDP impacted companies large and small in:

•  Eliminating manual procedures

•  Reducing processing time

•  Improving quality control, compliance, and efficiency

•  Enhancing cost savings

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