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by Anusha Venkatesh, on 31 July 2021

Innovation has always been our top mission. The world of artificial intelligence is just being built and in order to innovate, learning becomes key. Today, we want you to meet Infrrd’s Learning Groups, leading their way through the maze of knowledge. 

Infrrd’s Learning Groups were started with the vision to create a community of curious engineers who not only want to build our proprietary platform but stay updated with the latest technology and possibilities to take it ahead of its time. These groups are not just for young tech enthusiasts but also experienced engineers who want to learn new things and grow. 

This is a clear testament to Infrrd’s commitment to innovation and learning. So, here we go, let’s meet the groups. 

AI Study Group:

Started and managed by Pratyusha Rasamsetty, Head of our AI Research Lab, this group is a haven for engineers to learn about what’s happening in the world of machine learning and deep learning. Every week, engineers take turns presenting new and interesting topics in the field of Machine Learning. 

Group has discussed and learned about topics and research papers on topics exploring computer vision, natural language processing, neural networks, optical character recognition and much more. 

Dotnet Learning Group:

Another active and enthusiastic learning group at Infrrd is the dotnet learning group led and managed by Gururaj V Bhat. This group meets on a bi-weekly basis to present and discuss new technologies and tools in the field of dotnet. 

They have an extremely curious team of engineers who are constantly engaging in sharing new research papers, well-written articles, and relevant tech news. The level of active participation in this group is an indication of their dedication to learning and development. 

QA Learning Group:

The QA Learning Group led and managed by Narayan CL meets once a month. With new advances happening in the field of QA, the team dedicates a good amount of time to cherry-pick topics to discuss and learn. 

The QA team constantly works on testing our product and services for efficiency and this learning group is a platform for engineers to learn about new tools and technologies that can help them achieve this more efficiently. 

HR Learning Group:

Not just the engineers but the human resource associates too have a learning group that creates a platform to learn and discuss issues about dealing with the ever-changing model of the workforce. 

Be it the shift to WFH or the future transition into the hybrid work week, HR learning group focuses on learning new ways to nurture the culture of the organization and keep everyone connected. 

In the end:

Infrrd is dedicated to learning. Be it our CEO or our leadership team, they encourage new ideas and exchange of knowledge as it’s a part of our core value as an organization. The learning groups take this further ahead by creating an active culture of knowledge sharing. 

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