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Ketan on Working at a Product-Led Company

by Karen Schwartz, on 03 June 2020

Employee Profile: Ketan Chinchalkar, Head of Infrrd’s Pune Office 

Ketan Chinchalkar jumped at the chance to start an office for Infrrd in his hometown of Pune, India. He was excited to help the product-driven startup find talent that could build the company to the next level. He also believed in its leadership, having worked with Infrrd senior leaders in previous jobs. 

An Open Company Culture

With a background in incubating and growing digital Center of Excellence (CoE) teams, he says the company is not only a leader from a technology standpoint but also when it comes to culture. The company has an open culture, he explains, which is part of what makes it possible. It’s less about boundaries and more about conversations around ideas and collaboration. “We want to build an ecosystem of dedicated individuals around the transparent and open culture which Infrrd offers,” he says.

He’s had the opportunity to put his skills to work in new ways, applying his knowledge from working on the services side to manage the company’s IDP platform product, which extracts information from unstructured documents. “This is something where I feel I can add value in terms of optimizing the value of the processes, making sure the teams are connected well,” he explains. “And bring in some of the solutions around digital engagement I’ve been a part of.”

Work Alongside Technology Experts

He was drawn to the diversity of Infrrd’s product offerings and the experts and technologists the company already had on its team. He was also happy with the company’s adaptability, which in this case meant setting him up to onboard remotely due to Covid-19 lockdown. 

Ketan’s original plans to set up and grow an office with candidates from his network and beyond have had to be modified for now in response to the pandemic, but he says he’s looking forward to picking up the product delivery, and in parallel helping build out processes and scale. 

The latest AI/ML technologies

“Infrrd is a great place to work. We work in the latest digital and AI/ML technologies, we service enterprise customers looking for innovative solutions to digitize their unstructured documents,” he explains. “Opportunities to work for a next-gen, product-led company like Infrrd are few and far between in Pune.”

Infrrd’s IDP platform is unique in the market and valuable far beyond being part of the AI buzz, he explains. Its ability to with a few clicks digitize unstructured documents sets it apart from its competitors. 

A Value Proposition Based On Product & Culture

But Infrrd’s value proposition comes from more than just the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, says Ketan. The culture of collaboration fosters innovation between teams, and employees have easy access to leadership. That kind of transparency means good ideas can rise to the top faster. It also attracts people with a commitment and dedication to their work. 

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