Infrrd Wins The AI Breakthrough Award For ‘Best OCR Solution’

by Amit Jnagal, on 04 July 2019

Jubilant Moment for Infrrdians!

Infrrd celebrates the winning moments for the ‘Best OCR Solution’ by 2019 AI Breakthrough awards. 

AI Breakthrough awards is a premier market intelligence recognition platform that counts on top companies, innovators, leaders, and visionaries who excel to showcases technologies, products, and solutions that drive innovation and exemplify the best AI-related technology across the global AI market.  

Infrrd feels proud to be honored among 2500 nominations (that included AI Platforms, Robotics, Business intelligence, NLP, Vision, and many more ). The competition was fierce as Infrrd had to compete with some of the big tech leaders like IBM, Lenovo, Bosch, Dell Technologies, Cognizant, UiPath, Samsung, and other startups in the AI industry.

The market of AI is in hunger to adopt the latest AI technologies that free them from the freight of data. In order to meet this requirement, Infrrd is on a mission to free humanity from the burden of understanding content/data. Infrrd achieves this by helping enterprises navigate their AI journey from envisioning the end state, coming up with a strategy, and executing it. Our platform enables enterprises with a CORE AI engine, that can bring fundamental AI capabilities - ability to understand the text, images and detect patterns in data to the whole business - from HR, Sales & Marketing to Operations and Logistics. 

Get to know more about the AI Breakthrough Awards happenings here.



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