Infrrd Wins Award For Best Companies In Diversity 2018

by Amit Jnagal, on 21 December 2018

Infrrd has been awarded by Comparably as one of the Best Companies for Diversity in 2018. We ranked in the top 25 small and mid-sized firms. With globalization, it has become important for workplaces to promote equality and positive work culture, and Comparably has recognized Infrrd as a company that treats its employees with reverence. “We have consciously put efforts in creating a workplace that promotes gender & racial equality. There are several aspects of culture that one should focus on while creating a more inclusive workplace. At Infrrd we have made it a priority to factor in all the aspects and allow employees to feel at home,” says CEO, Amit Jnagal.

Comparably has been felicitating companies that have been promoting ethnic and racial diversities for a long time. The main idea being workplaces should be diversified based on the growing population. "Winning Comparably's Best Company Culture award is an exceptional achievement, highlighting the absolute best places to work in the United States as rated by their own employees," said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. The award was won solely based on employee voting and was not based on a participation fee or nomination. Every year Comparably celebrates renowned firms and leaders via employee ratings in 16 different categories.

The overall diversity score we received from Comparably based on the ratings is 91 out of 100, which is a new breakthrough. “We’re extremely happy and honored to receive this prestigious award, it means that we are going in the right direction with a great group of employees. When it comes to recruitment, we have always valued a person’s intent to learn and adapt to new technologies and so far the ratings prove that we did right by our philosophy,” says Lalit Agarwal, Head of Delivery & Operations, Infrrd Inc. With a strong global presence, we have worked with some of the reputed brands and have grown to over 200 employees in just two years from inception. 

We have worked in different sectors such as e-commerce, finance, mortgage, real estate, etc to offer tailor-made solutions which run on machine learning and NLP algorithms. Open and motivating work culture has always been fostered within our different branch offices. The employee ratings are just a testament to the growth and open-mindedness that we have encouraged for a long time since the beginning of our journey. 

Head over to Comparably to read what our employees have to say about Infrrd.

Read the news on USA Today.



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