Infrrd Earned The ‘Best Work-Life Balance Award’ 2019

by Amit Jnagal, on 07 October 2019

Infrrd bagged yet another accomplishment under the category ‘Best Work-Life Balance Award’ by Comparably 2019. This category was based on anonymous feedback reported throughout the year by employees from tens of thousands of U.S. companies. As a winner, we had an opportunity to join the list of well-known recipients like Starbucks, HubSpot, Subway, McDonald's, and many more. This achievement honored by Comparably glorifies our focus on corporate culture, positive work environment, career growth, and employee happiness. 

We strongly believe that in today’s hyper-connected working world, work-life balance is crucial for employee engagement and career development. This not only creates a happy, less stressful working environment but also helps to retain employee’s best talent. 

Infrrd offers an unparalleled work atmosphere and makes it a point, to equip our team with valuable, long-term skill sets that help them grow both inside and outside of work. We also encourage them to achieve their best no matter what the challenge is. To make the work environment more joyful, different fun activities and trips are constantly organized.

Though acknowledgments serve as excellent validation of the culture, we also love hearing from our employees. We achieve this through interactive discussions, feedback, and training programs because our employees are the ultimate building blocks of the organization that make Infrrd a progressive and dynamic place to work.

This award is a proud accomplishment for our team and thrives us to continue improving work-life balance and employee satisfaction.  By keeping these values at the core of our decision-making we ensure that our employees flourish both in Infrrd and the global community.

Read more about the Comparably Awards.

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