Infrrd Bags Best Outlook 2019 & Best Company To Work

by Amit Jnagal, on 01 April 2019

Infrrd wins award for “Best Outlook 2019” & “Best Company To Work In San Francisco” by Comparably - Career and compensation monitoring website.

Infrrd achieves two new milestones with Comparably’s Best Outlook 2019 and Best Company To Work In San Francisco award. These awards are solely based on anonymous employee rating Outlook: which signifies their perspective about their company’s future. Apart from this, Comparably asks workers questions in 20 culture categories which include work-life balance, compensation, professional development, and leadership.

After considering a 10 million ratings across 50,000 workplaces, Infrrd was chosen in the Best Outlook list for small/mid-sized companies and Best Company to work within San Francisco region.

The first award - Best Outlook 2019 is segmented into two ranked lists based on large companies (who have above 500 employees) and small/mid-sized companies (with less than 500 employees). According to Comparably CEO Jason Nazar, “This award recognizes companies that have the best business and financial prospects, as rated by their employees.” He further added, “These industry-leading organizations have teams that are incredibly excited and engaged about working for innovative leaders with a long-term strategy for success.”

For the second award - Best Company To Work In San Francisco, the best company is chosen on the basis of how happy people are with their pay, and what they think about their team members and managers.

Infrrd Company Culture Highlights:

  • Winner of Comparably's Award for Best Company in San Francisco 2019.

  • Winner of Comparably's Award for Best Company Outlook 2019.

  • Infrrd is ranked in the top 5% of companies for CEO Rating on Comparably.

  • Engineering Department is ranked in the top 5% of companies for CEO Rating on Comparably.

Infrrd’s CEO Amit Jnagal said, “We have consciously been striving to inculcate a culture of transparency and a keen sense of focus towards our vision of building the world’s best data extraction company. We believe and practice the mantra of - together we can do much more. Comparably’s award is the clear testament to our efforts in making our employees feel at home and their belief in the organization's vision.”

Head of Delivery and Operations - Lalit Agrawal added “Comparably’s award goes a long way in vouching for all our constant efforts in promoting a sense of pride, ownership, and transparency in everything that we do. The tremendous efforts made towards creating a - feel at the home workplace that inculcates the culture of questioning has obviated hierarchies and brings the best out of everyone. We consciously place a lot of importance on cultural fitment across our hiring mechanisms. I’m elated !! “

Read more about what employees had to say about Infrrd at Comparably.



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