Comparably 2019 Best Engineering Team

Infrrd Bags Another Comparably Award For Best Engineering Team

by Amit Jnagal, on 10 April 2019

Infrrd wins award for “Best Engineering Team of  2019 ” by Comparably - Career and compensation monitoring website.

Infrrd achieves yet another milestone this year with Comparably’s Best Engineering Team of 2019 Award. Product and engineering departments at these companies have the best compensation, leadership, and work-life balance, according to Comparably. This is an addition to the Best Outlook 2019 and Best Company To Work In San Francisco 2019 awards. Winners were determined based on a series of more than 50 workplace questions across categories including compensation, leadership, professional development, work-life balance, perks, and benefits.

Employees' happiness is critical to an organization’s long-term realization of its Vision. Accordingly to a previously published comparably report; employee happiness is determined by factors such as- satisfaction with compensation, benefits, work environment, and employee value.

After considering 10 million rating across 50,000 workplaces, Infrrd was chosen in the Best engineering team of 2019 list.

Infrrd Award Highlights:

  • Winner of Comparably's Award for Best Company in San Francisco 2019.

  • Winner of Comparably's Award for Best Company Outlook 2019.

  • Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Engineering Team 2019.

  • Infrrd is ranked in the top 5% of companies for CEO Rating on Comparably.

  • Infrrd is ranked in the top 5% of companies for Work Culture on Comparably.

Infrrd’s CEO Amit Jnagal said, “A happy employee is a productive employee. Our efforts to consciously create a workspace that is inclusive, fair, and fosters professional growth have paid dividends. Our people are our strength and they are the force that would pivot us towards our goal of becoming the world’s best data extraction company. “

Head of Delivery and Operations - Lalit Agrawal added “Comparably’s award reassures us that our - people-first approach has helped us create a work environment that fosters satisfaction, growth, and innovation. We have over the years been compulsive about creating tangible value for our employees across critical attributes such as - Compensation, benefits, and professional development. I’m thrilled !! “

Read more about what employees had to say about Infrrd at Comparably.    



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