What Makes Infrrd Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) Better Than OCR?

by Amit Jnagal, on May 15, 2019 11:30:00 AM PDT

Many enterprises spend a humongous amount of time and money to deal with the competition, regulatory changes, and new compliance demands. What needs to be understood is that adhering to the change is only possible if an enterprise is powered by a data ecosystem that is quickly adaptive to change.

At the same time, many enterprises, still continue to gather and save a significant amount of data in manual filed forms, receipts, invoices, handwritten documents, etc. Many neglect to understand for today’s enterprises, information is the new currency with a true value. The existence of data in an unstructured or incomprehensible form makes it nearly impossible to draw insights from piles of bootless papers.

Capturing data conventionally requires tedious human effort- data entry workers who transcribe information from documents. This calls for an update and shifts towards the intelligent game changer-automated data extraction that comes into the picture. The data is trapped collected, processed, and is leveraged effectively for future purposes.

To reach this, Infrrd’s current wave of technologies has tested a multilayered extraction model successfully that employs a suite of advanced AI technologies to streamline the operational process. This is a result of a months-long effort in finding the right composition of technical modules. The following details provide a bird’s eye view to the multilayer architecture and its capabilities.

Computer Vision

As an intense lens can recognize the objects well and spot loopholes, the vision also plays a similar role. It recognizes and identifies the regions of the document that needs to be extracted. It performs preprocessing operations to improve the quality of the document by distinctly identifying the text, images, stamps, handwriting, etc and make it ready for extraction. Also, the document is classified by understanding the structure of the document pages.

At Infrrd, we’ve done intense research on identifying various objects on a page/image. Our state-of-the-art image process modules provide best-of-class computer vision solutions.

At times documents are pre-processed as they may have various disturbing noises that can misinterpret the data. Noises may include watermarks, undesirable text, stamps, writing, bad scan quality, dishevel paper marks, etc. These documents are de-noised and are made ready for extraction.


Typically extraction is considered synonymous with OCR. But, at Infrrd, we perform intelligent extraction. Though it sounds like a new fancy term, we achieve it by not only retrieving the text from the image but also retaining the document’s business context and layout.

Post Processing

We believe that the data can be used as consumable information only when it retains the business value that the documents summon up. Also, the extracted information should be ready to consume by the decision-maker let be a human or a system.

Post extraction, Infrrd’s IDC system performs AI-enabled post-processing that performs various checks and validations (Dictionary-based, Role-based, Context-based, etc.), to ensure the details are correct. Our IP ‘smart correction’ feature performs corrections to eliminate OCR errors.

Additionally, our self-learning module learns through feedback and trains itself to deliver better results over time.

Finally, Infrrd’s Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) implementation can help and make a significant impact on operations and workflows with near-perfect accuracy. It’s prolific and definitely the next big thing that’s gaining major traction in the enterprise environment. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Adapting IDC provides a single point of access for all of your business information.

Despite numerous advantages, decision-makers still think twice about why should one invest in IDC? If you’re one among them contact us for a free demo today and get your questions answered about IDC or business-specific applications.

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