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The Infrrd Accuracy Guarantee: FAQs

by Mark Clark, on October 30, 2020 9:41:46 AM PDT

 You want to employ cutting-edge Intelligent Document Processing technology, but without knowing the risk you’re signing up for, it can be hard to commit. 

Your customers are counting on you to run your business processes with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. But you’re stuck guessing what the performance will be once the technology is applied to your business case. 

It’s time to stop guessing. Infrrd now offers the industry’s first IDP guarantee

We've been providing IDP solutions to enterprises long enough to know that we can deliver top performance and top accuracy.  So we now back up our solutions with a guarantee. 

Here, we’ll address some of the FAQ's about this exciting innovation.

Welcome to The Infrrd Guarantee.

1. What can the solution do?

The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution automates and optimizes the process to extract data from complex, unstructured documents. 

2. Why is it so groundbreaking?

100 Percent Accuracy Guarantee

Infrrd’s 100% guarantee is a breakthrough in the way you can procure, deploy and use a software solution. Just think, to prove value, you don’t need a long proof of concept, trial or bake-off.  POV (proof of value) comes with Infrrd’s solution. And it gets better from there.


3. Why is Infrrd offering this IDP guarantee?

Enterprises have told us they need automated document extraction, but hesitate because they’re worried about what accuracy they’ll be able to achieve.

In fact, “what is my accuracy?” is the #1 question buyers ask.

Why worry? Infrrd removes this uncertainty with its accuracy performance guarantee. 

4. Why is the accuracy guarantee important? 

The 100% accuracy guarantee ensures a rock-solid business case. It also saves you having to do a trial or POC because you already know what to expect, and how the solution will perform.

5. How does the 100% program work?

Infrrd’s turnkey solution includes the systems, components, technology, corrections workflow, and operations you need to control your extraction process and generate meaningful insights. 

6. What does this look like in my process flow?

Infrrd provides everything in the green box. You provide the documents, and we deliver 100% accurate data measured at the red dot in the diagram below. The red dot is the output of all the data processing steps in the IDP system. That data is then fed into your process automation system, or into a content management system so you can run other business processes.

Infrrd does everything in the box graph

All of our IDP solutions use the same platform, methods, and processes. For the 100% guarantee offered, Infrrd delivers this as a turnkey solution. 

7. Do I need my own corrections staff?

No. For the guarantee program, Infrrd provides any corrections staffing necessary.

8. Are you just a BPO?

No! A BPO is in the business of reducing cost by shifting labor from your payroll to theirs. Infrrd is in the business of maximizing automation. By taking responsibility for correcting any data the solutions fail to extract correctly, we create performance certainty for our customers. The Infrrd Guarantee also enables us to continuously improve our automation performance to benefit all of our customers. 

9. Do you use crowdsourcing for corrections?

Infrrd does not use crowdsourcing for corrections. We use our own Infrrd trained specialists.

10. What happens if Infrrd does not achieve 100%?

Infrrd gives you credits for inaccurate data and makes the corrections necessary to enable the solution to learn from those errors.

11. Does the 100% guarantee cover my industry? My use case? My document type?

Yes. Infrrd’s guarantee is available across all industries, use cases, and document types. 

12. How long until my solution delivers 100%?

The guarantee starts when your solution is deployed into operations. You get 100% accuracy on day one.

13. How long does it take to configure and deploy the solution?

We can have you up and running in as little as three months.  

14. What are analysts saying?

They’re impressed. Industry analysts suggest that our  100% guarantee puts us in a league of our own. They highlight it as a compelling offer with the ability to remove risks and break down barriers.

But I have questions

The Infrrd 100% Accuracy Guarantee is a breakthrough innovation that delivers strong business value in addition to great product functionality. It could be exactly what you’re looking for to transform your process and generate maximum customer satisfaction. 

Got more questions? We’ve got answers. 

Start a chat session here and discover how the guarantee can be used to your benefit.

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