Infrrd’s IDP enables partner innovation

by Daniel Rabbitt, on April 9, 2021 9:40:15 AM PDT

Infrrd’s Intelligent Document Processing enables partner innovation

Infrrd believes that a good partnership is designed to create high value for our customers, benefit both partners, and achieve a significant and meaningful business case for both partners.

Infrrd's best-in-class intelligent document processing (IDP) helps partners build out their capabilities and deftly navigate a rapidly changing technology landscape.

Our growing partner ecosystem means we’re able to reach more enterprise customers with an array of use cases. Our platform is accessible directly and also through marketplaces.

This partner ecosystem is rooted in seamless integration with innovators in industries such as:

  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Accounts Payable 

Infrrd has developed connectors to partner platforms and established a presence on leading marketplaces including UI Path and Betty Blocks. Its flexible solution and adaptability have helped Infrrd and its partners together address diverse customer requirements and to generate real results for large enterprise clients. 

Technology partners looking to cross-sell or integrate Infrrd’s IDP technology in their products are excited to learn about the ways prediction-based document processing can transform business processes. 

Infrrd’s ability to accurately extract data and to generate insights from various documents using IDP brings companies an important leap closer to straight-through-processing and scalability. 

Both are in high demand as enterprises seek to reduce the inefficiencies generated by manual labor and more limited technologies such as OCR.

Infrrd helps partners remove manual processing bottlenecks

Infrrd tailors its product and service offerings for seamless integration across sectors and geographies. This integration, made possible by our proprietary IDP platform, gives those on partner platforms and in leading marketplaces the ability to automate otherwise manual data extraction, which frees them to scale their processes as they grow.

"Infrrd is one of the most creative data extraction companies. The interesting thing about their technology is that they use the same ML methods to solve many interesting problems. In this Activity Pack, they are extracting data from complicated engineering drawings.- George Roth, Senior Manager, Technology Alliances, UIPath"

Infrrd creates new solution options for partners

Infrrd’s proprietary IDP platform uses classification and extraction technology to solve problems and provide new opportunities where other IDP vendors fall short. 

Infrrd’s IDP platform gives it the ability to extract data without the use of templates, which means it can handle high levels of document variation and complexity. The result is that customers are able to automate more of their document intake and have a greater impact on their business processes. 

“After a review of over a dozen OCR products in the market that leverage machine learning, our team really liked the template-less, machine-learning-first approach from Infrrd.” Mike Hurley, Founder BRYJ 

Infrrd’s IDP platform can process any type of document and includes pre-trained models for common document types. The IDP platform provides our partners a way to increase their services businesses and to better meet their customers’ needs. 

Enterprise-ready platform

Infrrd’s platform is enterprise-ready and easy to implement. We offer a wide range of output formats and hosting options, including:

  • Cloud
  • Private cloud 
  • On-premise

We are able to integrate the product into partner offerings as well as with the major enterprise systems our partners and their clients use.

Commitment to enhancing the value 

As part of our commitment to our partners and our investment in their success, we offer joint go-to-market strategies, as well as:

  • Marketing support
  • Sales collateral
  • Pre-sales support 
  • 24/7 after-sales support. 

We want to make sure our partners have everything they need to maximize their success with our IDP platform, which in turn will allow them to win and satisfy clients with Infrrd.

IDP playbook, new partners, and more  

Infrrd will continue to maximize our product and service offerings to deliver with our partners industry specific solutions for our most promising verticals, insurance, mortgage and other FSI segments. Customer education as well as a shared playbook with our partners will help our clients achieve hyper automation and scale. Additionally, we plan to increase our reach by adding new partners and increasing our presence on marketplaces. 

We look forward to building new and mutually beneficial partnerships with IDP at their core.

Technology Partnership

Infrrd currently has several technology partners that offer complementary or adjacent solutions. Opex, for example, is dedicated to mailroom automation. It offers hardware that opens envelopes and scans documents at a high speed. Once files are digitized, Infrrd’s technology takes over, allowing customers to classify, extract from, and correct the scanned documents. 

Together, Opex and Infrrd put IDP to work to offer customers an out-of the-box, high-level automation solution from letter to business insights. 

Solutions Partnership

Infrrd works with partners to combine our IDP platform with automation technology and managed services, creating unique, comprehensive solutions for our customers. Infrrd has been repeatedly recognized for its innovation and technology. For example, Infrrd was selected for inclusion in Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) Co-Innovation Network. 

As a partner in TCS’s BFSI vertical and its life sciences vertical, TCS and Infrrd are able to offer clients in both verticals tailored solutions that incorporate both partners’ products and services. 

Domain Partnerships

Lastly, with some partners, we offer client-or industry-specific solutions in target domains. For example, our partner Bryj helps healthcare companies reduce costs with capture, content management, workflow, and interoperability solutions. Infrrd and Bryj are building intelligent solutions to capture data from complex healthcare documents.

2021 is the year to speed ahead of the competition. Put IDP to work to break free from the bottlenecks that hinder transformation. To learn more about partnering with us,

Visit our Partnership Page

Our vision for successful partnerships 

Our vision is to make best-in-class automation technology easy to adopt for enterprises. We achieve that by creating comprehensive solutions that combine the best technology with the best services. Our most successful partner projects:

  • Start with a customer need
  • Combine the strengths of both partners in a synergistic way
  • Uses best in class technology to solve complex automation challenges
  • Uses domain and service expertise from both partners to satisfy customer needs



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