How Rindegastos Creates An Incredible Experience With AI

by Karen Schwartz, on June 25, 2020 11:00:00 AM PDT

Expense reporting has always been a hassle. There are receipts to keep, loads of dates and amounts and details to enter -- but people do it because they like to be reimbursed for the money they have spent on company time. Nobody really likes manually filling in the forms required to get their money back, though.

Rindegastos, a Chile-based cross-platform application that digitizes the expense reporting process, wanted to build a solution that created a better customer experience and made the whole process a breeze but didn’t sacrifice accuracy. 

A Customer-Centric Business Mission

yomaWe thought about giving our users the experience to receive data extraction with AI that did the work for them,” says CEO Cristian Yoma Schrader. “We had to make the user’s experience with Rindegastos incredible, we started looking for this solution, and that’s how we found Infrrd.”

Infrrd helped the company unlock data hidden in its clients’ unstructured documents, which meant less of a need to ask end-users to fill out fields. It also meant less opportunity for people entering the information themselves to make mistakes, so less need to spend time fixing them.

Using AI To Delight Customers

When it comes to creating the best end-user experience, reducing these kinds of hassles makes a huge difference in generating customer loyalty and positive brand buzz. 

“We want users to love our platform, so when we get that objective or mission, we don’t only care about the service complying with our client's demands, but we also want to make the experience of using Rindegastos very good for the end-user, who has the app on his phone, and has to submit his expenses to the company,” says Yoma.

AI Reduces Effort And Makes Expense Reporting Easy

Powered by Infrrd, Rindegastos has been able to give its clients tools that let them improve their processes, which in turn leads to better user experiences. “When we sell data extraction and tell our clients that not only the total amount and the merchant and date, which are the minimum requirements, are going to be filled out, but we will also detect the tax ID, document number, document type, and the category of the expense -- there’s no other expense reporting platform here that does that.”

As a result, Rindegastos has an edge in its local marketplace. “We have a service regarding AI that is far more advanced, adapted locally, which is something we haven’t seen in any other solution offered in the market,” he explains.

AI can also up the quality of information that is being entered, he explains, as it takes out the uncertainty of human error that comes when people type numbers, for example, in themselves. “You can type an extra ‘0’ in the amount without even noticing it,” Yoma says. That could spell trouble for an end-user, and it makes more work for the business that has to find, flag, and correct the error. 

A Brand Built On Intelligence And Love

Even as other companies continue to advance their technologies, Yoma says Rindegastos’ competitive advantage in its process and its approach will make Rindegastos the brand people associate with simplifying expenses and secure its spot as a market leader. “If our clients’ users love Rindegastos, the probability that the client will stop using Rindegastos is very low,” he explains. 

Infrrd has helped put the company on a trajectory to reach its goal, Yoma adds. “The goal we had in the beginning when we started this company, is to make this process for the end-users the simplest process, that can just be ‘take the picture,’” he explains. “That’s all we want for this process, and we can achieve that right now.


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Part 2 : "AI Makes Expense Reporting Easy"

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