Faceted Navigation – The Silent Killer Of eCommerce Sales

Faceted Navigation – The Silent Killer Of eCommerce Sales

by Amit Jnagal, on November 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM PST

eCommerce is all about helping customers find right products for the users and converting them from viewer to a buyer. In a user's journey, Faceted Navigation or Filters play a critical role in quick and effective product discovery. But without being backed by the right analytics and monitoring, it could act as a silent killer for a lot of products.

To filter Product Listing based on their specifications we use Faceted Navigation. At the face of it, it is definitely a big advantage as it helps a buyer narrow down the search to a product of interest. But if the products do not have proper tags with the right specification values, then filters can cast them into an abyss of long-tail queries from where they may not have a real hope of recovery.


Customers expect accurate product information. Hence to cater to this need, merchandisers spend a lot of time making the product ready for online consumption – making sure it has the right attributes, images, videos, review comments, etc. Oftentimes, it involves a lot of human intervention to fix these attributes.

It becomes even more challenging for retailers that have to work with the data from multiple suppliers. Suppliers often supply bare minimum information about the product that might miss a lot of relevant product attributes. With this little information, it can take days, if not weeks, for merchandisers to get this data ready for publishing. Because of fixing and cleaning the data, a lot of times the attributes go missing or wrongly tagged. This is, in turn, will yield low data quality and hence will lead to bad customer engagement.


At Infrrd, our AI-powered Product Enrichment module uses NLP algorithms to capture and extract features and specifications from Product Descriptions, User Reviews, and Product Images.

Data-driven intelligence and AI are unlocking new opportunities for eCommerce every day. We use AI to keep an eye on your catalog and user-generated content. It automatically makes sure your filters and navigation are always accurate and you do not lose an opportunity for conversion.

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